NEW DELHI, April 14;

Senior AAP leader and Cabinet Minister Ms. Atishi referred to the BJP’s election manifesto as ‘Jumla Patra’ and said the BJP has not fulfilled any of its promises even after staying in power for 10 years.

Addressing media persons here today, senior AAP leader Ms. Atishi said that the Prime Minister has announced the ‘Jumla Patra’ (rhetoric document) of his party for 2024 elections. It presents a clear picture of the unfulfilled promises of the BJP in the last 10 years. This is the same Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose first election promise to the youth before 2014 elections was ‘Bahut hui berozgari ki maar, abki baar Modi sarkar’. In 2014 as well Modiji’s rhetoric was that we will give 2-crore jobs every year. But after 10 years in their jumla patra (manifesto) of 2024 they aren’t ready to give any figures on jobs. In this 75-page document Modi ji hasn’t mentioned that in the last 10 years how many youths have been given employment, she added.

The senior AAP leader said the government has told the Parliament that it hasn’t provided even two crore jobs in the last 10 years, leave alone 20 crore jobs. Modi ji didn’t give the figures of unemployment, but I will give you the figures. “There’s highest rate of unemployment in the last 45 years in India. Youth employment in India is at all-time low, 25 percent of our youth are unemployed. Forty-five percent of graduates are unemployed. These are Modi ji ‘s promises to the youth in the last 10 years and what he has done for them,” she said.

Ms. Atishi said the second biggest slogan or rhetoric of PM Modi was ‘bahut hui mehangai ki maar, abki baar Modi sarkar’. “In his manifesto, he can’t give the figures of how much inflation has reduced. But consumer price index in the last 10 years shows, cumulative dearness has increased by 70 percent in India, which is the second highest after Turkey in the world. India is not at higher position in terms of employment, economic development, GDP, but PM Modi made India bag the second position in the world in dearness,” she said.

The Delhi cabinet minister said in 2014, Modi ji gave yet another rhetoric that he will double the farmers’ income. In this 75-page document he and the BJP are running away from that promise as it doesn’t find any mention in the manifesto. Forget about doubling the income of farmers, this government passed three anti-farmer laws in Parliament. Farmers from across the country protested at Delhi’s borders for months against these three anti-farmer farm laws. Over 750 farmers lost their lives in the protest, but Modi ji never met them. The farmers were made to call off their movement by promising them that the three farm laws have been reversed and they will be given MSP for their crops. But till date Modi ji hasn’t brought the law on MSP. Two months back, farmers wanted to hold peaceful protest in Delhi demanding law guarantying MSP. But Modi government made border for farmers within the country with 2-foot-tall nails, metal barricades, concertina wires, trenches that are not visible even at India-Pakistan borders. Such anti farmer government is being led by Modi ji, she added.

Ms. Atishi said this manifesto doesn’t mention anything about farmers income; Modi government backtracked from its promises to farmers in 10 years. The BJP government not only committed atrocities on youth (by not providing them employment), committed atrocities on people (with inflation), committed atrocities on farmers (by not increasing their income), the BJP also cheated the country in the name of health and education.

“Youth want employment and before that good education. While Arvind Kejriwal government, AAP government in Delhi and Punjab are providing good education in government schools by increasing budget on education, the number of government schools in the country is decreasing after Modi became Prime minister. In 2014, there were 11 lakh government schools in the country, the number has now reduced to 10 lakhs; one lakh government schools have been closed in the last 10 years,” she said.

Ms. Atishi further said that the BJP manifesto claims that they will give quality health facilities through Ayushman Bharat to the people. “There cannot be a bigger hyperbole than this in the manifesto. On the Ayushman Bharat scheme, which the BJP is tom-tomming, only Rs 8000 crore have been spent in the last year across the country. This is less than the health budget of a small state like Delhi. Delhi’s health budget is Rs 9500 crore every year. How will you give treatment through Ayushman Bharat scheme if there will be no hospitals, no super speciality treatments, no investigation facilities,” she said.
The senior AAP leader said that PM Modi and the BJP has cheated people of this country with their rhetoric in the last 10 years. Youth are upset due to unemployment, housewives are worried about inflation, LPG cylinder prices have increased from Rs 300 to Rs 1200, diesel price has risen from Rs 55 per litre to Rs 90 per litre, petrol price increased from Rs 75 per litre to Rs 100 per litre, each family is finding it difficult to make ends meet. Farmers have no means to increase their income, government schools are not available for children, health facilities are not there for citizens, she added.

Ms. Atishi said, “People in the country aren’t going to believe in the BJP manifesto. In the last 10 years, the entire country, youth and womenfolk saw the rhetoric and this time people of the country will certainly vote against this rhetoric.

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