In a remarkable journey of transformation, the government of Delhi has taken bold strides to uplift and improve the lives of residents in the city’s 1800 Kachchi colonies. Before taking the reins of governance, these areas faced pressing challenges related to essential amenities, but today, a brighter future is on the horizon.

Water Arrangements for All:

Prior to their tenure, only 884 of these colonies had access to a reliable water system. The government recognized the urgency of addressing this issue, and today, water arrangements have been made in all 1800 colonies, ensuring a fundamental necessity is no longer a luxury.

Sewers for Improved Sanitation:

In terms of sanitation, 230 colonies had functioning sewer systems before the government’s intervention. But today, that number has surged to 750 colonies, marking a substantial expansion in this crucial area of public health.

Building Roads for Connectivity:

Connectivity and accessibility were also areas in need of attention, with just 262 colonies having roads in place. The government took up the challenge with determination, and as a result, 850 colonies now have the vital infrastructure of roads, making transportation and mobility a far more convenient experience for residents.

The government has made a commitment to complete the remaining work in all Kachchi colonies within one year, ensuring that every resident in these areas can enjoy the benefits of these essential amenities. The vision of a transformed, empowered Delhi is becoming a reality, one Kachchi colony at a time.

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