In a significant achievement, the farm fire data for October in 2023 reveals the lowest numbers in over a decade, marking a substantial reduction in farm fire incidents. This milestone underscores the steadfast dedication of the AAP government, with Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann at the helm and Arvind Kejriwal’s guidance, in addressing issues like stubble burning and its associated challenges.

The number of stubble burning incidents, which occurred between September 15 and October 25, has seen a remarkable drop from 5,792 in 2022 to a mere 2,704 in 2023. Such exceptional results can only be achieved through the tireless efforts of honest and devoted governments. Several effective measures have contributed to this success, including the swift distribution of crop residue machinery, enhanced paddy straw utilization in industries, allocating 20% of straw pellets for brick kilns, strict adherence to National Green Tribunal (NGT) guidelines, satellite mapping implementation, equitable compensation for farmers, and the promotion of in-situ and ex-situ methods.

The inspiring story of Ludhiana farmer Harinderjeet Singh Gill, who earned over Rs 31 lakh through efficient paddy straw management, serves as a model for others seeking to make a positive impact. The AAP government’s unwavering commitment to tackling stubble burning and advancing sustainable agriculture is bringing about a greener and more prosperous Punjab.

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