Purchase of 3 goods trains The AAP Punjab government is contemplating buying 3 freight trains to boost export and import in the state. This was announced by the Punjab Chief Minister on 26th Aug 2022.  If it decides to go ahead with the plan, Punjab ... read more

Ban on the Use of Single-use Plastics On June 5th, World Environment Day, the AAP Punjab government announced that it would place a ban on the use of single-use plastics in the state to check environmental degradation. This was in accordance with the Unio... read more

The AAP Punjab government has taken several actions to raise public awareness on  health-related topics including drug de-addiction and food safety. A monthly magazine named ‘Sehat Jagrukta’ and an official YouTube channel ‘Health Media Punjab’ were launc... read more

The health sector is one of the 2 priority sectors for the AAP Punjab government. As promised, Health has been accorded top priority in the first-ever budget of the AAP government for the FY 2022 -23. “Changi Sehat sab ton vadi daulat hai.” (Good health i... read more