The Kejriwal Government is committed to transforming Gandhi Nagar into the prestigious “Grand Garment Hub.” This ambitious project, aimed at boosting the economy and generating employment opportunities, is being developed in a phased manner. Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal conducted a review meeting on Wednesday to assess the progress of this transformative initiative. The meeting also saw the presence of Industries Minister Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj and senior officials of the department.

Gandhi Nagar holds a global reputation as a leading readymade garment market, endowing Delhi with a distinctive identity. The redevelopment of Gandhi Nagar will serve as a pivotal milestone in elevating Delhi’s economy and creating thousands of new jobs. This redevelopment endeavour not only aims to revitalise Gandhi Nagar but also to enhance business prospects for merchants and provide an exceptional shopping experience for the people.

The redevelopment of Gandhi Nagar will be executed in two phases, taking into consideration the ongoing economic activities in the area.

Phase 1:

During Phase 1, the immediate and pressing concerns faced by local traders will be addressed through the following initiatives:

  • Provision of essential public facilities, including drinking water and other amenities
  • Installation of a comprehensive CCTV camera network and security monitoring system
  • Redesigning of street lighting and street furniture
  • Implementation of a visual information system

Phase 2:

In the subsequent phase, the Government will focus on urban redesigning and architectural enhancements of the market. Furthermore, efforts will be made to promote the area through national and international marketing campaigns, digitization of area information, establishment of fire-fighting facilities, and upgradation of existing infrastructure.

Gandhi Nagar holds the distinction of being the largest readymade garment market in Asia. However, the increasing population density has strained the existing basic facilities, adversely impacting businesses in the area. The Delhi Government’s objective is to reimagine Gandhi Nagar, optimising space utilisation and creating world-class infrastructure that will attract customers and foster business growth. Throughout the redevelopment process, utmost care will be taken to minimise any adverse impact on the traders’ businesses.

The Kejriwal Government is fully committed to realising the vision of making Gandhi Nagar the prestigious “Grand Garment Hub.” This transformative initiative will not only invigorate the local economy but also reinforce Delhi’s position as a prominent global destination for the garment industry. By prioritising sustainable development and inclusive growth, the Government aims to create a thriving business environment and improve the quality of life for the people of Delhi.

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