Alka Lamba Disqualified from Legislative Assembly

The history of Alka Lamba ji’s resignations has been very interesting, she has announced her resignation a dozens of times before , said about going to Congress so many times, and sometimes announced herself being an independent MLA.

But whenever she felt that her anouncement can cause her disqualification from Legislative Assembly, she would backtrack from her Announcement.

But this time , her disqualification matter was with the Speaker. Alka ji had again backtracked and said that he is still with the Aam Aadmi Party. She claimed that her resignation on Twitter should not be taken seriously.She also claimed that her own announcements of joining Congress Party should also be not taken seriously.
What a joke ? She has been doing this every fortnight to hog media headlines. For grabbing headlines in the media, she has been fooling innocent people of Chandni Chowk almost every day. How can anyone trust her ? And how long can the Congress also trust her? Whats the credibility of such people ?

It is a matter of great satisfaction that the Speaker has finally finished her daily soap opera . Now she is no.more an MLA. Now sitting at home, she is free to change parties every day on Twitter.

Saurabh Bhardwaj

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