Join the Fight to Secure Full Statehood For Delhi

My Dear Residents of Delhi,

When India gained Independence in 1947, the whole country became a democracy. The people of the entire country started voting and electing their Government. Those Governments started working according to the will of the people. But Delhi did not get complete freedom. In Delhi, the rule of Viceroy of the British Empire was replaced by the rule of the Lieutenant General (LG).

Why can’t we have People’s rule in Delhi?
Although the people of Delhi elect it, the Delhi Government does not have much say in governance. No matter which Government the people elect, the rule of the LG prevails. This means that only in Delhi, people’s vote has zero value. This is an insult to the people of Delhi. Why are the residents of Delhi considered only half-citizens?

Insult to the People of Delhi
The people of Delhi are insulted every single day. e.g.

  • People of Delhi say, “We want CCTVs to ensure women safety”. The moment the elected Government starts installing CCTVs, the LG says, “I will not allow CCTVs to be installed”.
  • People of Delhi say, “We want Mohalla Clinics and Schools”. The LG says, “I will not allow Mohalla Clinics and Schools to be built”.
  • People of Delhi say, “We want Ration”. LG says, “We will not provide Ration”.
  • People of Delhi say, “Please regularize our unauthorized colonies”. LG says, “I will not allow regularization of unauthorized colonies”.

Earnings from our blood, sweat and tears is taken away by the Central Government
Even the British did not harass the residents of Delhi as much as the Central government does today. The British used to impose exorbitant taxes on us and send all the accruals to England. Today, the Central Government has imposed similar circumstances on the people of Delhi. The Central Government takes away Rs. 1,30,000 crores from the people of Delhi by way of Income Tax every year, and in return gives back a paltry Rs. 325 crores for the development of Delhi. Even the British did not indulge in such unfair activities. This is earnings from our blood, sweat and tears. Will the people of Delhi continue to be robbed in this manner and remain silent?

A home for each resident of Delhi
We are not asking for the entire amount to be returned to us. But return at least 30 percent of the amount for the development of Delhi. 30 percent of Rs. 1,30,000 crores amounts to Rs. 40,000 crores. If Rs. 40,000 crores arrives every year, our Government will build a home for each resident of Delhi within five years.

Jobs for the unemployed
Today our youth are not getting jobs. Every year thousands of jobs get created in the Delhi Government. Do you agree that the children of the voters of Delhi should have 85% reservation in the Delhi Government jobs? When Delhi has full statehood, we shall provide 85% reservation for the children of the voters of Delhi. With this, thousands of our children will start getting jobs every year.

College admission for each child
I feel very sad when our children fail to get admission in colleges even after securing 97% marks. We requested permission from the Central Government to open new Universities in Delhi. But they do not allow us to open Universities. When Delhi has full statehood, we shall build so many new colleges in Delhi that children with even 70% marks will get admission in colleges.

Regularizing unauthorized colonies
In Delhi, our Government has sent numerous proposals to the Central Government to regularize unauthorized colonies, but the Central Government refused to do so. When Delhi has full statehood, this can be achieved within a month.

Crime-free Delhi
Nowadays, crime in Delhi is increasing day by day. Especially, crime against women is increasing every day. The Police do not do anything. When the people approach the Ministers or the MLAs reporting such crimes, they are helpless, because the Police comes directly under the LG. The LG does not meet anybody. Where will the hapless people of Delhi go? When Delhi has full statehood, the Police will be directly answerable to the people of Delhi. If Police personnel do not do their duty, then the people of Delhi can report this to their own elected Government and get the Police personnel replaced or pressurize them to perform.

Both BJP and Congress have betrayed Delhi
Both BJP and Congress have betrayed us till now. Before every election, both the parties have announced in their respective manifestos that if they were to win the elections, they would give full statehood to Delhi. In the last 20 years, both the parties had Governments at the Centre, but neither gave full statehood to Delhi. Before the last Lok Sabha elections, Modi ji too had promised that he would give full statehood to Delhi. The people of Delhi believed him and made him win all the 7 seats in Delhi. But after winning, Modi ji conveniently forgot his promise.

Before Modi ji became Prime Minister, during Sheila Dixit’s stint as Chief Minister, Delhi used to be a half-state. Forget giving full statehood to Delhi, Modi ji did not spare even the half-state of Delhi. He started snatching away one by one all the powers of the elected Government of Delhi. Today Delhi is reduced to less than 10 percent of a state. From the Government elected by the people of Delhi, Modi ji snatched away the Anti-Corruption Branch. Now the elected Government has no control over the bureaucrats, who do not follow its instructions. Modi ji has given all the powers to the LG.

We have to fight for full statehood
The most important question today is whose wishes and decisions should prevail in Delhi – the LG’s or the people of Delhi’s? The time has now come when the people of Delhi will have to fight for their self-respect, their rights and for the future of their children.


Arvind Kejriwal

Join the Fight to Secure Full Statehood For Delhi
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Akshay Marathe


    • John Ferns

      AAP Should Start “Aam Aadmi TV News Channel” (AAP TV) To Counter The Lies Of Corrupt People. AAP Should Start TRUTH V/s FAKE NEWS (Daily One Hour Program in its AAP TV) To Counter The Fake News Of Fake People.

    • John Ferns

      AAP Must Contest 400 Seats To Get Majority In 2019

      AK Should Be The PM Candidate Of AAP
      Manish Sisodia, The Education Minister Of India And
      Satyendra Jain, The Health Minister Of India!

      AK/AAP first work is to declare Delhi a State. Delhi people deserves it.

      “But election must be with the BALLOT PAPER and not with the EVM”

    • John Ferns

      What a great feelings to hear this!

    • John Ferns

      All Cards (Ration, Aadhar, Voting, Pan, Etc.) must be Scrap and Start only one Card


      With this INDIAN NATIONALITY CARD one can Vote, Open Bank Account, Get Ration, Get Government Schemes benefits, Get Mobile Number, etc.

    • John Ferns

      As always, AAP is ahead from all Political Parties in fulfilling Election promises!
      Delhi No.1 Healthy & Educated State under AAP Governance!
      AAP investing in Education & Health and Water & Electricity will Lead India to Become a Developed Nation.

    • John Ferns


    • John Ferns

      Delhi People Should File Case On BJP For Wasting 3 Long Years Of Delhi People.
      Delhi People Should File Case On Congress & BJP For Not Giving Statehood For Delhi.

    • John Ferns

      Objection from Congress & BJP from installing CCTVs across Delhi and other Indian States is to avoid themselves being exposed their Bhai-Bhai meetings against AAP.

    • John Ferns

      They are the one who takes Delhi People for granted in the name of BJP & Congress.
      They are the one who are appointed by the Congress & BJP to harass AAP.
      They are just few in numbers. Name & Shame them.

    • Amit Bhanja

      Where is the demand of ACB and Jan Lokpal Bill? Are they pending with the centre . I believe AAP will fight for ACB in Supreme court. I hope there is no compromise being done.

    • John Ferns


    • Rahul aggarwal

      Delhi should definitely get full statehood so that our delhi govt efforts are not wasted due to LG’s interference !

    • Urumipparambil Vijayan Anilkumar

      A government which is for the welfare of the people should provide all facilities needed for the betterment of the life of its citizen. Enough good hospitals, good schools, good infrastructural facilities, homes for all, CCTV on all public places and all roads to monitor crimes, etc etc. The list can be endless. But that is the responsibility of responsible government. Who ever put hurdles for these are enemies to the people. I request the people of Delhi to repeatedly elect a government who does good for them. Never make choice of your government on emotional basis. Use your intelligence each and every time you go to vote. Never elect any one who do bad for you. Never dig your own hell.
      Long live AAP

    • vipen kumar

      please people support the only honest goverment in India and the resultd will be mindblowing

    • ashok rajora

      arvind ji hum apke sath he.

    • Syed Ali

      high time, this will happen soon insha Allah

    • Jew

      Past experience shows statehood comes only with agitation.
      There has to be sustained campaign and mobilisation with show of strength coinciding with Lok Sabha polls to pressurise BJP and Congress.

    • Ramesh Bellamkonda

      It would be incorrect to say that only people of Delhi should fight for full statehood for Delhi. Every Indian has a stake in ensuring fair play towards the people of Delhi, who are after all our fellow citizens. People of Delhi are our brothers and sisters. Why should they be mistreated? New Delhi Municipal Corporation area which I understand houses all Central Government offices etc, can and should be governed totally by the Central Government. All the rest of Delhi, should be the business of people of Delhi to govern themselves, through their own elected Delhi State Government, just as all the other Indian states do!

    • Elizabeth Varghese

      I fully support full statehood for Delhi. An opinion poll by an independent agency is welcome.

    • Alex Aranha

      Every body must join this movement and make it a successful fight.

    • ts rao

      Present 5 to 10% status of Delhi is no more tenable. Its people merit better deal. Delhi is the capital of the whole country. And all look for opportunities and avenues, political, social, economic and otherwise there. Then it is beset with water, pollution and other problems. We need to comprehensively draw a sketch of what we need and how to achieve it.

    • John Ferns

      As it is said that everything has its END and so Delhi peoples suffering is going to come to an END with the STATEHOOD. Delhi people will enjoy in the State of Delhi like we Goans enjoy in the State of Goa. BJP+Congress+MGP wanted Goa to Merge with Maharashtra but Dr. Jack Sequeira conducted Opinion Poll and Won the Election and GOA got Statehood.

    • Shabbir Ahmed Bijli

      This is fundamental right of every Delhi Citizen to have full statehood. Their is no second opinion on the subject. People of Delhi to work as a one TEAM to achieve their Goal.

    • Ravinder Dutt Dobhal

      I am in complete agreement for full statehood for Delhi. It is the current need. I am completely satisfied with the way AAP is working in Delhi, be it Govt Schools, Health facilities, Water, Electricity all departments have shown tremendous turn around from earlier Congress Govt. I will AAP all the very best and keep up the good work for the betterment of the citizens of Delhi & India.

      Jai Hind…

    • Neisakholie Rupreo

      The wishes of people must prevail and it is over due.

    • Dev Raj Anand

      To see Delhi progress rapidly, full Delhi statehood is the call of the day. When Delhi becomes a full state, Delhi Aap Government can fulfil all its promises without any impediment. LG`s interference in all matters is a stumbling block in the welfare of populace of the capital.

    • Varinder Kumar

      Support full state hood for Delhi

    • Varinder Kumar

      We support full state hood for Delhi development which is need of people of Delhi

    • Misra

      Elected government of Delhi should be treated at par with any other state government of the country. Delhi should have full statehood. Supreme court should give its judgement early in the matter. Alternatively posts of LG, Governors may be considered to be made directly elected by public. Legislative Councils (in bicameral legislatures) existing in some states may be considered for abolition.

    • Saurabh Sinha

      Full statehood for Delhi is the need of the hour. We support full statehood.

    • G S Sachdev

      Though I am not a resident of Delhi, as an Indian citizen, I believe that Delhi must get full statehood without any delay. I commend the governance of the AAP government.

    • Vinay Tandon

      I am surprised that the usually hyperactive BJP trolls have nothing to say in defense of Modi, leave alone for Delhi? Maybe the people of Delhi who have smart phones do not join such movements?

    • Name Dr. Uday Sheorey

      Wholeheartedly support the Delhi’s govt.’s stand that it be given full statehood; and the amendment of all the necessary.regulations to get this effected.
      The President must withdraw the LG as he is not working in the interest of the citizens of Delhi.
      Recover the salaries and all expenditure incurred (with interest) from these bureaucrats who have not performed their duties during the past 3 years.
      Levy a penalty of 10x of the assessed total amount.on these bureaucrats.

    • Muzzammil Shariff

      I am still not clear how the each home for delhi resident can be accomplished … i hope its a practical milestone …

      Rs. 40000Cr for each year will amount to 200000 Cr …

      Is this figure sufficient to fulfill this promise ?
      Is there sufficient land to pull off such a project ?
      What will be the criteria for getting this benefit if you say everyone (as individuals its ludicrous) … i am assuming its for a family … So how many families are there in Delhi ?
      Will it be a some sort of 0% interest lending system … which makes sense and practical … ?
      Is it some sort of you have land the govt. will assist in construction kind of thing ?

      as you see these are just a few questions i could think of in a few minutes … the complexities of the scheme are difficult to imagine …

      you should come up with a detailed terms and conditions of the plan … as educated and informed citizens of this nation it is our right to know the details … without a detailed plan this promise will be no different to the countless ones we have been hearing for ever.

      Hope to see a detailed plan !!!

      We don’t want it to turn into something of the 15 lac promise by the 56″ man.


    • Ramesh Raman

      Very true! An elected Govt should have full powers! In fact, the post of LG should be removed in Delhi!

    • Vinay Kumar Singh

      Every citizen of Delhi should join this movement..! This is the right time to take your part.

    • Basab Ghosh

      Dear Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, please refrain from making statements with half truths (like ‘I shall not give Ration’), which can be countered with proof by the one who you are accusing. It is sad to see a graduate from my Alma Mater resorting to populist statements which are only half truths, and those with potential negative consequences (regularizing unauthorised colonies). English speaking (as your letter is in English) citizens of Delhi do not get swayed by such populist statements. It would have been better if you had given a more balanced vision of development possible if full statehood is obtained and also areas where you will let Centre have their control (like ensuring safety and security of the seat of Government and their functionaries). I support the move for full authority to the elected state Government, but expect a more rational and well thought out proposal, specially from you.

    • G R Vora

      I fully support the residents of Delhi in their demand for full-statehood.

      Interference of the Central Govt. in the affairs of Delhi Government is highly despicable.

      By this subversive attitude the majority Govt at the Centre should realise that it is on a suicidal path.

      They shall pay for it in future elections (including of 2019) by losing the support of our countrymen.

      May good sense prevail..


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