Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal called out the Centre’s misplaced priorities leading to a state of lawlessness in the national capital. The CM also highlighted the widely-apparent neglect of law & order by the LG and Centre, who seem more focused on stifling the state government’s efforts rather than restoring law & order in Delhi. Shri Arvind Kejriwal questioned the efficacy of holding mere meetings, emphasising the need for a concrete and comprehensive plan from the Centre to improve law and order in Delhi. He expressed disappointment with the lack of tangible solutions put forth by the central government, remarking that if the Centre can not handle Delhi’s law & order, then they should give the police to the state government, which will make Delhi safe.

Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal was attending an event in the city where he inaugurated EV Charging Points today. There, the media sought his response about a meeting convened by the Lieutenant Governor (LG) on law and order. The meeting came in the backdrop of continuous concerns raised by the CM about the worsening situation and short-staffing in police stations. Reacting to the same, Shri Arvind Kejriwal stated, “It appears the central government lacks a concrete plan to improve law and order in Delhi. Merely convening meetings will not suffice; it is merely a formality. Yesterday, we witnessed the shocking incident of a car being stopped and a bag being looted in broad daylight at Pragati Maidan underpass in Delhi, very close to the planned G-20 venue. This incident, captured on camera, exemplifies the lawlessness in Delhi. It is alarming to witness a ‘Jungle Raj’ prevailing within the national capital, leading to a deep sense of insecurity among its residents. Today, I heard about a robbery in a market with the lock broken from behind. We must question the existing law and order situation in Delhi. Can we accept such a lack of security in our nation’s capital?”

Shri Arvind Kejriwal explained that the primary reason for this situation lies in the Central Government and the Delhi LG’s aim being obstructing the functioning of the Delhi Government round the clock. “Their efforts seem solely focused on impeding the progress of the Delhi Government by hindering its schools, shutting down mohalla clinics, disrupting water supply, impeding power services, etc. I request them to kindly prioritise their own responsibilities and allow the Delhi Government to perform its duties effectively. In case they fail to improve the law and order in Delhi, we can also take that upon ourselves as well. We will transform Delhi into the safest city in the country,” he said.

The CM also took to Twitter to share a news report about a robbery and wrote, “The Central Government does not have any solid plan to improve the Law & Order of Delhi. Meetings alone will not solve the problem. Robberies are happening on the streets in broad daylight in Delhi. If the Centre can not handle law & order, then give the police to us, we will make Delhi safe.”

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