The armed forces and their families living in Chhawla BSF Camp in Delhi will no longer have to wait for water. Delhi Jal Board will soon start supplying clean drinking water to BSF Chhawla Camp. DJB will be setting up an RO plant of upto 5-MGD capacity near the Chhawla BSF camp to supply water for the armed forces and the construction work of the RO plant will begin soon. To connect Daulatpur water pipeline and Chhawla BSF camp, a new connecting water pipeline of one kilometer will be laid between them that will bring end to the water supply problem in the BSF camp. On Friday, Border Security Force officials met Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman Somnath Bharti regarding water supply issues at Chhawla BSF Camp. The DJB Vice Chairman assured the BSF officials that water supply will be provided at Chhawla camp soon. Instructing the DJB officials to take immediate necessary steps in this regard, he said that Delhi Jal Board’s top priority is to serve the people and the water supply problem at Chhawla BSF camp should be resolved soon.

DJB to build 5-MGD RO plant in Najafgarh

The Border Security Force officials met Vice Chairman Somnath Bharti at Delhi Jal Board Headquarters today regarding the water supply problems in Chhawla BSF Camp. On being cognizant of the matter, the DJB Vice Chairman took immediate action and convened an emergency meeting of the concerned DJB officials on the issue. The BSF officers were also present in the meeting. Delhi Jal Board Vice-Chairman Somnath Bharti directed the DJB officials to take immediate necessary steps and make arrangements for water supply at Chhawla BSF Camp at the earliest. Somnath Bharti informed that about 5000 soldiers and their family members live in the camp at 25 Battalion Border Security Force located in Chhawla village near Najafgarh. This camp does not have a water connection of Delhi Jal Board. The BSF officials have been asked to apply for water connections so that Delhi Jal Board can provide water supply to the Chhawla BSF Camp and assured the BSF officials that Chhawla camp will soon have regular water supplies. Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman Somnath Bharti said that Delhi Jal Board will set up a new RO plant near Najafgarh drain to supply water to Chhawla BSF camp and other surrounding areas. This plant will be located at a distance of just 600 meters from the camp. The tender process for the RO plant has already been completed and the RO plant construction work will start in the next one month. The capacity of this RO plant will be 5-MGD. He said that water would be supplied from Najafgarh RO plant to Chhawla BSF camp and nearby areas. The plant will benefit about 36 villages of Najafgarh and Matiala constituencies and thousands of people living in nearby colonies. The BSF jawans and their families living in Chhawla camp will also benefit from the new RO Plant.

DJB to lay new water pipeline upto Chhawla BSF Camp

Somnath Bharti said that we sleep peacefully in our home because the soldiers of our armed forces are deployed day and night in securing the borders of the country. It is the responsibility of all of us to provide all kinds of facilities to army personnel and their families. The DJB Vice Chairman asked the DJB officials to ensure water supply to Chhawla BSF camp at the earliest. Necessary steps should be taken to supply water to Chhawla BSF camp through other means as well. Under the plan, a kilometer long connecting pipeline will be laid between the BSF Camp and the Daulatpur pipeline. Through this connecting pipeline, water will be supplied from the Daulatpur pipeline to the Chhawla BSF camp.

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