An exhibition program was organized today in Delhi Secretariat by the General Administration Department, in memory of the great heroes of the first Indian freedom struggle ‘Revolution of 1857’. Delhi’s General Administration Minister Shri Gopal Rai inaugurated the exhibition. This exhibition will continue from May 22 to June 2 at the Delhi Secretariat. Freedom fighter Shri R Madhavan was also felicitated during the programme.

Shri Gopal Rai, the chief guest of the exhibition program, said, “The term freedom holds a significant value in its essence. Only those who have witnessed the shackles of enslavement can truly comprehend the profundity of this term. The contribution of our compatriots in the freedom movement is praiseworthy as they relentlessly fought against the British regime and secured India’s independence. It is owing to the selfless sacrifices of numerous freedom fighters that we are able to breathe in an atmosphere of freedom today, ensuring a liberated future for generations to come. With the commemoration of these fighters, our government has organized this exhibition. This exhibition will pay tribute to the valiant heroes of the first Indian freedom struggle, the ‘Revolution of 1857’. The exhibition will be held from May 22 to June 2 at the Delhi Secretariat.Freedom fighter Shri R Madhavan was also felicitated during the programme.”

He further said, “The uprising of 1857 played a significant role in India’s fight for independence. The events that took place in Delhi during this time gained widespread attention from the public. Even though the British may have suppressed the revolution of 1857 through their power and established regulations, the revolutionary spark ignited during this period paved the way for future movements towards freedom and served as a source of inspiration for those fighting for independence. Today, the main goal of this exhibition is to highlight all these incidents.”

Shri Rai added, “Thousands of freedom fighters in Indian history sacrificed their lives in the movement of 1857, about which people are still not aware. It is now imperative to reintroduce the valuable contributions of these freedom fighters to the global community.”

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