The Kejriwal Government is focused on enhancing the quality of roads in Delhi to ensure the safety and convenience of Delhi residents. To achieve this goal, the government has undertaken various initiatives, including regular road strengthening and beautification projects. In line with this objective, the Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Ms. Atishi has recently given the nod for a road strengthening project under the PWD North Zone. This project will focus on improving the interconnectivity of the Rohini area by strengthening and beautifying 11 significant roads of a length of 7.03 km.

While approving the project, PWD Minister Ms. Atishi said, “The project is expected to bring about a significant improvement in the condition of the roads in the area, making them more durable and resistant to wear and tear caused by heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions. Moreover, the beautification of the roads will add to the aesthetic appeal of the area and make it more attractive for residents and visitors.”

She added that the Kejriwal Government is committed to providing safe and comfortable travel for the citizens of Delhi with an emphasis on road infrastructure development. The government has put in place a systematic approach to identify and address the key issues affecting the condition of the roads in the city. The plan involves the assessment of roads by experts, the use of advanced technology and modern techniques to repair and strengthen the roads, to ensure that they can withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions.

The PWD Minister added that the Delhi Government is working in a phased manner to strengthen the roads of Delhi. Given that these roads were constructed long ago they are currently in need of maintenance. The riding quality of the roads has also deteriorated due to the cutting of roads for laying cables and pipes by civic agencies. Thus the work of maintenance and beautification is being started here now. To avoid any inconvenience to the commuters, PWD officials have been asked to complete the work in the stipulated time and ensure compliance with all the safety guidelines when the strengthening work is under process.

Roads to be strengthened in PWD North Division

-> Ahinsa Marg, Sector 9, Rohini
-> Babosa Chowk to Tulsi Apartment, Sector 14, Rohini
-> Ring Road to Maheshwari Apartment, Sector 14, Rohini
-> ORR to Road number B-5, Sector 14 Rohini
-> Pocket 14- Pocket C-1, Sector 20, Rohini
-> Internal Road of Sector 9, Rohini
-> Pocket 10- Pocket D-4, Sector 20, Rohini
-> Pocket 8- Pocket 9, Sector 21 Rohini
-> Pocket B-2 to Park, Sector 21, Rohini
-> Pocket 13-Pocket 9, Sector 21, Rohini
-> Pocket 5- pocket 6, Sector 21, Rohini

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