Harvesting Success in Schools: A Green Vision Realized

Venzy Viegas embarked on a transformative journey in rainwater harvesting with a profound vision to empower his constituency with a sustainable water source. His initial focus was on the educational institutions within Benaulim, where he initiated rainwater harvesting projects in all eight schools. This not only provided a reliable and eco-friendly water source but also served as a valuable hands-on lesson for students. They learned firsthand about the critical importance of conserving water and embracing eco-conscious practices, imbibing values that would stay with them for a lifetime.

Leading Sustainability Beyond Rainwater Harvesting

Venzy Viegas, recognized as a sustainability champion, goes beyond rainwater harvesting. His commitment extends to spearheading tree plantation drives, implementing innovative geo-tagging of trees, and educating children about the significance of reducing their carbon footprint. These initiatives underscore his dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable community, leaving a lasting impact on the environment and the people he serves.

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