Manish Sisodia

Former Deputy Chief Minister, Delhi

Manish Sisodia, the Former Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, stands as a key figure within the Aam Aadmi Party, contributing significantly as a member of the Political Affairs Committee. As the former Dy CM of Delhi, he had a diverse portfolio encompassing crucial responsibilities, including Education, Finance, Planning Land and Building, Vigilance Services, Women and Child Development, as well as Art, Culture, and Languages, among others, underscoring his pivotal role in shaping the multifaceted governance landscape. His role in the education revolution of Delhi was applauded by the New York Times.

In the 2015 elections, Sisodia emerged victorious, securing the Patparganj constituency in East Delhi with an impressive margin of 28,761 votes. Before he began his political journey, he carved his path as a journalist with Zee News and All India Radio. His active involvement in championing the Right to Information Act and foundational contributions to the Jan Lokpal Movement highlight his commitment to public welfare.

A longstanding associate of Arvind Kejriwal, Sisodia played a crucial role in creating awareness for and organising Mohalla Sabhas in Delhi. As the Education Minister, he spearheaded a transformative period, witnessing a remarkable enhancement in the infrastructure and quality of education in Delhi government schools. As Finance Minister, Sisodia took a historic step by doubling the budgetary allocation to Education, which constitutes almost 25% of the state’s entire budget. This landmark decision paved the way for comprehensive reforms in public education, earning him recognition as one of the nation’s foremost education administrators and advocates.

Sisodia’s educational journey includes earning a diploma in journalism from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a testament to his commitment to knowledge and communication. His dedication to public service and his impactful contributions to governance make him a respected and influential leader within the political landscape.

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