In a significant development, the Delhi Transport Department has issued a milestone order that is set to bring relief to thousands of taxi owners in the Delhi. The order states that all taxis plying on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or other clean fuels, and possessing a Contract Carriage permit, will now have their permit validity extended to 15 years. However, this extension is subject to the fulfillment of all other prescribed conditions as stipulated in the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, CMVR, 1989, and DMVR, 1993.

In a statement, Transport Minister of Delhi Shri Kailash Gahlot said “Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi government has always stood with our taxi drivers. This move will help thousands of taxi drivers who will be able to ply their CNG vehicles for a total of 15 years now. It is an initiative towards providing cleaner and greener modes of transportation while ensuring the welfare and convenience of taxi owners and operators in the city.”

The decision to extend the permit validity comes after a careful observation by the transport department, which revealed a disparity in the duration of permits among various categories of taxis operating under the Contract Carriage permit in Delhi. Until now, taxis registered under the City Taxi Scheme 2015 with DL1RT had a permit validity of only 8 years. In contrast, all other taxis, including black and yellow cabs and other categories, enjoyed a validity of 15 years, which corresponds to the vehicle’s age as defined by the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

This discrepancy prompted the transport department to rectify the situation and ensure fair treatment for all taxi owners in the region. The move to extend the permit validity to 15 years for taxis running on CNG or clean fuels is seen as a positive step toward promoting environmentally friendly transportation options and reducing pollution levels in the city.

The Delhi Transport Department has urged taxi owners and operators to ensure they meet all other conditions specified in the relevant acts and regulations. Adherence to these prescribed requirements will remain crucial for maintaining the extended permit validity.

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