In compliance with the directives of former deputy CM Manish Sisodia, the Water Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj conducted an on-site inspection of the 2.4 MGD (Million Gallons per Day) capacity underground reservoir (UGR) located in Patparganj. He also instructed the officials of Delhi Jal Board to promptly address the issues related to the drinking water supply in the respective areas. Recently, there have been complaints about water supply from several residents of the Patparganj constituency. To address these complaints promptly and assess the situation, Saurabh Bharadwaj, the Water Minister, visited the Patparganj UGR. During the visit, he instructed the DJB officials to identify the reasons for the declining water levels and restore the water flow.

Saurabh Bharadwaj mentioned that the Kejriwal government has constructed a 2.4 MGD capacity underground reservoir (UGR) in Patparganj to alleviate the water crisis for the residents of Patparganj and nearby areas during summers. This UGR supplies water to eight colonies, including Patparganj, Pandav Nagar, Mayur Kunj, Pratap Vihar, Patparganj Gaon, Chilla Gaon, and Shashi Garden, along with 31 societies in Mayur Vihar Phase-1. However, the water level in the UGR has decreased in recent times, causing low pressure in some areas. As a result, there has been a disruption in the regular water supply in some parts of the Legislative Assembly.

He stated that the causes of decreasing water levels will be identified, and the water flow will be restored. The issue of leaks will be promptly resolved to eliminate the water crisis. This will ensure that the residents of the affected areas do not face water scarcity. Along with the improvement in water pressure, the water quality will also be enhanced.

The Kejriwal government is working at an exceptional level to provide clean and adequate water to every household in Delhi. Tube wells are being installed in different areas of Delhi to meet the water demand and avoid any water shortage during summers. Additionally, real-time online monitoring of water quality will be implemented in Delhi. Sensors will be installed in all water treatment plants and underground reservoirs to facilitate timely monitoring of water quality. Furthermore, the Delhi government will collect water samples from colonies to assess their quality and take necessary actions.
The availability of water in Delhi will not be compromised – Kejriwal government

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