The Kejriwal government is committed to promoting women’s entrepreneurship in Delhi and empowering women economically. In this regard, Women and Child Development Minister Ms. Atishi held discussions with Anganwadi workers, supervisors, experts from Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University, and women entrepreneurs at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, Kashmere Gate. During the discussion, Ms. Atishi sought suggestions on how to promote women’s entrepreneurship in Delhi. Additionally, successful women entrepreneurs Ms. Shreedha Singh and Ms. Ayushi Gudwani, who were present at the event, shared their entrepreneurial journeys to inspire the Anganwadi workers.

On this occasion, the Women and Child Development Minister emphasized that Anganwadi workers, due to their close connection with the needs of ordinary women, possess valuable insights that can contribute effectively to the formulation of policies related to women’s entrepreneurship in Delhi. Anganwadi workers shared their experiences and highlighted the challenges faced by housewives in running their households, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, as they now seek new employment opportunities to cope with rising inflation.

During the program’s conversation, Minister Ms. Atishi sought suggestions from women entrepreneurs and experts on what the government can do to promote women’s entrepreneurship. They suggested that the government provide essential training and support in branding, marketing, and financial knowledge to help housewives embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

The experts also emphasized the crucial role that Anganwadi centres spread across Delhi can play in supporting women to start and grow their businesses, including access to advice from experts at DSEU.
Anganwadi workers further shared their experiences and noted that many people, including a significant number of women, have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. They expressed how challenging it has become for women to sustain their households amidst increasing inflation. Thus, the government’s initiatives to create opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship would be highly beneficial, enabling housewives and other women to become self-reliant.

Ms. Atishi remarked, “In today’s era, entrepreneurship is crucial in empowering women from all sections of society, helping them become self-reliant job creators, and overcome traditional stereotypes.” She emphasized that women have boundless aspirations and determination to pursue and achieve their dreams, requiring only confidence and support to propel their progress. She drew parallels with the Business Blasters program, which instilled confidence in Delhi government school children, and expressed her commitment to “instill similar confidence in thousands of women in Delhi, transforming their lives by fostering financial independence.”

Ms. Atishi also acknowledged the effectiveness of the research conducted by experts and the field experience of Anganwadi workers, stating that they would play a crucial role in designing programs and policies related to women’s entrepreneurship.

Female entrepreneur Ms. Shreedha Singh, the founder of ‘The Ayurveda Company,’ shared her personal journey on this occasion. She recalled, “I wanted to become an entrepreneur at the age of 9, despite challenging circumstances at home. Having faced eviction along with my mother and brother at 14, I began working at McDonald’s and selling burgers outside of school.” Ms. Shreedha emphasized that those who dream with closed eyes are merely sleeping, while true entrepreneurs are those who dream with open eyes and turn their dreams into reality. “Anyone can become an entrepreneur, regardless of gender or educational background, as long as they possess passion.”

Ms. Shreedha highlighted the difficulties middle-class families face in understanding concepts like startups, urging parents to provide opportunities for their children. She proudly shared that her company now employs 2000 women.

Ms. Ayushi Gudwani, the founder of F.S Life, shared her own entrepreneurial journey, explaining that she never viewed herself as a woman entrepreneur when she embarked on this path. “There were a lot of challenges initially but they could all be overcome, with dedication and patience.”She proudly stated that her company now comprises 400 employees.

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