In a bid to reduce electricity consumption and promote energy efficiency, the Kejriwal government will conduct an ‘energy audit’ of its buildings, offices, and streetlights. The primary objective of this energy audit is to pinpoint areas of excessive energy use and devise strategies to manage and control it. Power Minister Ms Atishi shared this information.

It is to be noted that the government will get an energy audit done of all its buildings with a sanctioned load of 500 kilowatts and above, by a certified energy auditor from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

Regarding the energy audits of government buildings and street lights across the national capital, Ms Atishi said, “The Kejriwal government is committed to conserving every unit of electricity. To achieve this, an energy audit will be conducted of all government buildings under the Delhi government. This process involves measuring the actual energy consumption of various devices and appliances within the buildings, comparing it with the estimated minimum energy required for the processes, and then identifying economically and technically feasible methods to achieve energy savings.” She also highlighted that the audit will provide recommendations for optimizing energy usage, resulting in both energy and cost savings in electricity bills.

The Power Minister further emphasized, “It is said that saving one unit of energy at the user end is equivalent to two units generated at the power plant. The energy-saving measures derived from these audits will help stabilize Delhi’s overall power demand. Moreover, energy audits will not only propose ways to minimize energy consumption in government buildings but will also alleviate the financial burden on the exchequer. Additionally, this initiative will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.”

Ms. Atishi added that the Delhi Government’s power department has made the ‘energy audit’ of government buildings a priority under its mission@2023 and is working on it in mission mode.

In addition to government buildings, the Delhi government intends to conduct energy audits for its streetlights. Currently, streetlight maintenance in Delhi is primarily handled by MCD, NDMC, and PWD. MCD has successfully replaced approximately 6.06 lakh streetlights with LED lights. In the southern district, MCD has collaborated with EESL to replace around 3 lakh streetlights with energy-efficient LEDs, out of the total 92000 maintained by PWD, 22500 have already been replaced. The process of replacing the remaining streetlights is ongoing.

The Power Minister highlighted that the Kejriwal government’s proactive stance toward energy conservation and efficiency, as evidenced by these comprehensive energy audits, represents a significant stride toward a greener and more sustainable future for Delhi. By identifying energy wastage areas and implementing effective measures, this initiative not only underscores a commitment to responsible governance but also constitutes a crucial step in easing the strain on resources and mitigating environmental impact.

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