The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has intensified its preparations for a large-scale rally scheduled to take place at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan on June 11. The rally aims to voice opposition against the central government’s ordinance. On Friday, AAP Delhi State Convenor and Cabinet Minister Shri Gopal Rai convened a meeting with party officials to delegate various responsibilities and expedite the preparations for this significant event. He stated that meetings will be held across all the mandals, and party workers will conduct door-to-door campaigns throughout Delhi, urging people to participate in the rally against the ordinance. “The rally serves as a platform for the residents of Delhi to express their indignation and rage towards the Modi government’s ordinance. It is essential to recognise that the Constitution grants every citizen the right to vote, and any attempt by an individual or organisation to undermine this right should be met with a united public voice of opposition,” he said.

Shri Gopal Rai stated that a meeting will be held on June 4 to discuss the preparation of the mega rally, specifically focusing on the involvement of 2000 mandals in Delhi. Starting June 5, a door-to-door campaign will be initiated, wherein party workers will visit every household in Delhi to extend invitations to attend the rally.

Shri Gopal Rai further announced that the party’s vice presidents have been assigned specific Lok Sabha constituencies to oversee. Shri Dilip Pandey will be responsible for East Delhi, Shri Jarnail Singh for New Delhi, Shri Gulab Singh for South Delhi, Shri Jitendra Tomar for West Delhi, Shri Rajesh Gupta for West North Delhi, Shri Ritu Raj Jha for Chandni Chowk, and Shri Kuldeep Kumar for North East Delhi. Additionally, all MLAs and councillors have been given special responsibilities for the event.

He said, “The fight against the authoritarian rule of the Modi government will intensify nationwide. Despite the decision of the country’s Supreme Court, the BJP-led central government has nullified it through the introduction of an ordinance. This move by the BJP-led central government, along with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, directly contradicts the Supreme Court’s decision to grant the elected government in Delhi the authority to govern while upholding the power of Delhi’s voters. Consequently, the rights of the people of Delhi have been violated, leaving the entire population in shock.”

Shri Gopal Rai further announced that on June 11, the residents of Delhi will express their discontent and indignation with this ordinance. “We appeal to all of Delhi, regardless of political affiliation, to unite and raise your voice against this ordinance. Our country’s constitution grants every citizen the right to vote, and any attempt to suppress this right must be met with public opposition,” he concluded.

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