So, our earnest act is to build national love of childhood, a profound respect for teachers as trusted professionals, and a deep understanding of how children learn. Every child, a national asset, must get best education to become a true human being thro’ daycare, kindergarten and thereafter school, college and vocational education. For achieving equality and excellence in education, we are firm to impart uniform basic education in adequate number of publicly funded govt schools so spread that pupils have a school near their homes.

Highly competent teachers are key to nation building. They must be trained in ”personalized learning”. So that instead of control, competition, stress, tests, exams, they try warmth, collaboration, and highly professionalized, teacher-led encouragement and assessment.

Delhi govt in first phase, its numerous principals and teachers were trained in India and abroad to become Mentor Teachers. Now in second phase, Senior Teachers are being deployed as Teacher Development Coordinator (TDC) in all govt schools under Directorate of Education.

TDC will enhance new ideas and processes of learning to make students a true human being with qualities of compassion, dignity, comradeship, solidarity, happiness, spirituality and knowing the meaning of life.

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