• Delhi Government for more training institutes to enhance skill development in educational institutes

The Delhi government will promote skill education in the National Capital by opening new  vocational training centres and strengthening the existing ones.

This was stated by the Deputy Chief Minister Mr Manish Sisodia on Monday in a meeting with a visiting delegation from Australia and senior officials of the Department of Education.

The main thrust was on setting up training institutes to enhance the training of educators and improve vocational courses and skill development programmes in the city.

“There are priority areas wherein students need skill training. These include retail, hospitality, travel tourism and paramedics training,” said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

“We need to set up some vocational trainers’ training centres where there is stress on the content, communication and presentation. The main problem is that our structure of technical higher education is incomplete and lack avenues. We need to fix gaps here. Avenues for further learning have to be explored by vocational bachelor courses which we are already running polytechnics. Students need much more than that,” Mr Sisodia said.

Pointing out that Delhi already has a world class skill education centre in collaboration with the Singapore government, Mr Sisodia said more such institutes were required.

“We also need a government instrument to do futuristic research and study trends in the market. Here we can develop a culture of skill training based on research and expertise,” he said.

While stressing on exchange of trainers and skill education, the Deputy Chief Minister also added that school vocational programmes too needed a push. He advocated setting up of a joint unit in this context.

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