Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman Shri Somnath Bharti chaired an important meeting with public representatives and senior officials of Delhi Jal Board at DJB Headquarters on Wednesday. In the meeting, MLA from Deoli assembly constituency Shri Prakash Jarwal and local councillor from Laxmi Nagar assembly constituency Smt Sweta Nigam had participated. The public representatives informed the DJB Vice Chairman about water supply and sewerage related problems in their respective constituencies in the meeting. Also, serious discussions were held on many points of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s vision for providing clean drinking water and desilting of sewer lines in Delhi. In the meeting, several key decisions were taken by the Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman and many important instructions were also given to the officials of DJB.

In this meeting, DJB Vice Chairman Shri Somnath Bharti instructed the official to carry out a water audit for the improvement of water supply in Deoli assembly constituency. Shri Somnath Bharti said that in the water audit, an account of water requirement of large colonies and societies of Deoli area and its supply will be prepared. In the water audit, one full year’s account will be prepared but it will be based on every month. Apart from the water audit, the DJB officials have also been directed to prepare an action plan to help meet the water requirement of Deoli. Shri Somnath Bharti said that through water audit, the exact requirement of water of the concerned areas will be ascertained and it will help in ensuring smooth water supply in these areas.

The matter of private water connections was also raised in the meeting. Deoli MLA Shri Prakash Jarwal informed that in his assembly constituency, people have taken private connections by laying water lines at their own expense. So far, Delhi Jal Board has laid water lines in about 50% area of Deoli assembly constituency. People want to take regular water connections of Delhi Jal Board but due to technical problems they are not able to avail them. In this matter, Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman Shri Somnath Bharti instructed the DJB officials to regularise all private connections. Shri Somnath Bharti directed the officials that the process of regularising private connections should start soon and people should have the opportunity to avail DJB connections in place of private ones. The DJB Vice Chairman asked the officers to make the process of availing DJB water connections easy and the connections should be given to the people on the basis of identity proof like Aadhaar Card. He said that by regularising the private connections, the people of Deoli would get better water supply. This would also help augment Delhi Jal Board revenue.

In the meeting, the DJB officials were directed to complete the installation of new tube wells at the earliest in Deoli. This will help increase water supply in the area. Delhi Jal Board plans to install more than 50 new tube wells in Deoli. Presently 261 tube wells are being run by the Delhi Jal Board here. With the commissioning of new tube wells, the water supply in Deoli will increase and thousands of residents will be benefitted.

The Delhi Jal Board is executing two important projects of laying sewer lines in Deoli. Under this, 28.5 kilometres long sewer lines are being laid in Deoli. DJB Vice Chairman Shri Somnath Bharti said that Delhi Jal Board has so far laid 13.5 kilometre long sewer lines in Deoli. The rest of the sewer line will be laid in a different way. He asked the DJB officials that wherever possible, the sewer lines should be laid on the sides of the roads instead of laying them in the middle of the roads. This will help in easy repairing and desilting of sewer lines and people will not have to face problems like traffic jams and road closures.

Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman Shri Somnath Bharti held a meeting with the local councillor Laxmi Nagar assembly constituency for the purpose of providing adequate and clean water to every household of Laxmi Nagar assembly constituency. In the meeting, it was also decided to install DSTPs in the parks of Laxmi Nagar. The officials were instructed to identify such parks where DSTPs can be set up. It was decided that DSTPs will be installed in parks having an area of one acre or more. With the installation of DSTPs in the parks, the sewerage of the colonies will be treated locally itself and the treated water from DSTPs will be used for irrigation and watering of the parks. This will also help increase the greenery of the area.

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