The Kejriwal government is diligently extending its relief and rescue operations, treating the flood situation as a top priority. In line with the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, on Thursday, Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj, the Minister of Irrigation and Flood Control, visited the ITO Bridge near Delhi Secretariat to assess the situation. During the visit, Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj explained that there are iron gates (barrage) under the ITO bridge, which are operated by the Haryana government. On one side, the water is flowing rapidly due to the open gates, while on the other side, the water is unable to flow due to the closure of five gates. These five gates have become jammed due to the accumulation of silt, preventing the water from Wazirabad from flowing out beneath the ITO bridge.

The efforts to open the five gates jammed by silt under the ITO bridge are currently underway. Shri Bhardwaj stated, “We are making continuous efforts to open these gates. To remove the silt accumulated around the gates, a compressor has been brought from the Kondli plant. The silt will be cleared using the compressor, and then attempts will be made to open the gates. If the gates still do not open, they will be cut using gas cutters to facilitate the water’s faster exit from Delhi. This will be highly beneficial.” Shri Bhardwaj also mentioned that the water level of Yamuna is currently increasing consistently. According to estimates, it will continue to rise until this evening, after which the water level will start stabilising. There is a possibility of a subsequent decrease in the water level.

Shri Bhardwaj emphasised that all departments are actively involved in assisting people according to their respective capacities. He stated, “The departments have been instructed to remain vigilant in case of any emergency situation. Every department of the Delhi government is committed to helping the people and continuously monitoring the situation. We are prepared to handle any circumstances that may arise. Efforts are underway to relocate individuals residing in the submergence areas to safer locations. Motor boats, equipped with essential rescue equipment, have been deployed at various points along Yamuna for relief and rescue operations. Additionally, divers and medical teams have been deployed.”

Shri Bhardwaj further stated that departmental officers are working diligently to evacuate individuals from the lower areas of Yamuna. Approximately 2500 camps have been established in six districts of Delhi, where arrangements for accommodation and food have been made for those affected by the floods.

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