We will help fulfil dreams of all of Delhi’s children, like we did for Vijay Kumar: CM Arvind Kejriwal

CM finds sponsor for Vijay Kumar; Varun Gandhi to fund all 4 years at IIT

Both Varun and Vijay are inspirational: CM Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Inspired by the story of Vijay Kumar, a sponsor has come forward to fund all 4 years of the student’s IIT education. Vijay, the son of a tailor and a domestic help, had cleared the IIT JEE earlier this year after getting free coachin under the Jai Bhim Mukhyamantri Pratibha Vikas Yojana.

Varun Gandhi, a resident of Defence Colony has come forward to pay the ₹2 lakh per year fees for Vijay’s IIT education. CM Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference today with the families of Vijay and Varun Gandhi at the Delhi Secretariat. The press conference was held on a Sunday because Vijay’s classes have begun and has been able to make time only on Sunday. The chief minister accomodated his schedule for Vijay so he doesn’t have to miss classes.

The chief minister said, “Today I would like to present two very inspirational personalities in front of the people of Delhi and the whole country. Vijay, who belongs to an extremely poor background. Besides him is Vijay’s father, who works as a tailor, and Vijay’s mother who works in homes to run the household. Despite such difficult circumstances, Vijay has recently gotten admission in IIT-Delhi. Vijay is extremely intelligent, and has been a high scorer in school, after which he decided to get into IIT.”

He said, “There are many bright and intelligent students coming from impoverished families, but the competition is such that the students who get ahead are those with resources to prepare for the competitive examinations with the help of reputed coaching centres. The Delhi government’s Jai Bhim Yojana is an initiative for such students, who are admitted for free coaching to prepare for competitive examinations. Vijay has gotten admission in chemical engineering in IIT-Delhi through this coaching.”

Introducing the sponsor Varun Gandhi, he said, “On my left is Varun Gandhi. After hearing about Vijay, he volunteered to help by paying for Vijay’s entire education over the course of his time in IIT-Delhi. Varun Gandhi has inspired us to believe in the power of unity. If we come together and decide to use our resources for supporting the needy, we can take our country to greater heights.”

“Both of them have proved to be very inspirational for the people of the country. Vijay is proof that nobody should give up on his dreams, no matter what his circumstances are. I promise that the Delhi government will never let lack of money and resources be a hindrance in the education of such students. We are with you in your dreams. Educated youth is the future of the country, and I believe it is what will take our country forward.”

Vijay Kumar said,”I want to say that Delhi government has done incredible work in the fields of education and health for the people of Delhi in the last five years. And I also want to say that a lot of students like me who aspire to enter IIT, can do it through hard work and with the help of the Delhi government. They will never suffer from a shortage of resources because of the support of Delhi Government.”

Varun Gandhi said, “I personally believe that the Indian brain is the most intelligent brain in the world. We have only Indians holding all the top professional positions all over the world. But we have children who do not have sufficient resources to develop and refine themselves accordingly. If God has given us such capability, we should help our Indian brothers and sisters shine by helping them. Education has been an integral part of our family, my mother, my younger brother and me, we all have been toppers and gold medallists. It is through this education that we have achieved such great heights. Education is not a privilege, it is a right.”

Speaking about other higher education schemes, the chief minister said, “As you know, we have the Delhi government schools up to 12th for free education of school students. For students who wish to get into reputed institutions after 12th, the Delhi government grants educational loans up to ₹10 lakhs. The student can repay the loan via easy instalments over a period of 15 years after passing out of the college. It does not require any guarantee of any sort.”

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