Victor Public School falls in line after Government gets tough

  • Private School starts distributing books, stationary & uniforms to EWS category students
  • De-recognition notice was sent to school over violation of rules
  • Parents had complained to the CM at his daily Janta Samvad about the school not giving books, stationary & uniforms to EWS category students

A private school in Delhi has fallen in line after the Arvind Kejriwal Government took a tough stand over the school violating the set norms and not providing economically weaker students with their lawful due.

The school, Victor Public School, Maujpur (East Delhi), was not providing the students of the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) category with books, stationary & uniforms. The law makes it mandatory for them to provide these students with books, stationary and uniforms.

Victor Public School, Maujpur has now submitted to the Directorate of Education that it has started distributing books, stationary & uniforms to EWS category students days after it served with a de-recognition notice by the directorate of education. The school in its submission said, it has distributed the due to eight students by now and the process will go on until it covers all the eligible students.

The DDE Xone-V has been instructed by the directorate of education to personally monitor the case and ensure that all students of the EWS/DG category get their free books, stationary and uniforms. He has also been asked to submit a status report on the distribution of the books, uniform and stationary.

Earlier, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has received complaints from parents against Victor Public School, Maujpur, that the school was not providing free uniform, books & other stationeries to the students belonging to the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category. The Chief Minister took a strong note of the serious violation by the school and the Education Department was directed by him to take strict measures.

The Education department directed the school but the school did not comply. Thereafter, the School was served with a de-recognition notice by the Department of Education for violating norms related to the EWS/DG category.

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