During the DDA Board meeting held today under the chairmanship of hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, I raised the issue of unjustified denial of land by the DDA for construction of Mohalla Clinics across Delhi.

My submission was based on the response given by the DDA to the Delhi government’s Health Department that since no specific land has been earmarked for Mohalla Clinics in the Mast Plan for Delhi (MPD) 2021, there no land can be allotted for these clinics (Please find the DDA letter and the sites which were selected for Mohalla Clinics).

I pointed out that mere technical terminology used for the word Mohalla Clinics cannot be the sole ground for rejecting land allotment for Mohalla Clinics. Primary Health Centres. Dispensaries and other related terms are mentioned in the MPD, and such terminologies can be put in place to allow Delhiites to have access to this important primary health care model.

The hon’ble LG referred the matter the DDA and asked it to have a re-look into the matter.

Interestingly, the BJP representatives in the DDA, again opposed the land allotment for Mohalla Clinics in the meeting, without any concrete basis.

I am of the firm opinion that primary health care is the right of citizens and when the government is ready to set-up these facilities at the door-step, there should be no politics in this matter and everybody should come together to provide best healthcare for the people.

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