It is more than high time to put down goondaism with an iron fist. As you are already aware, the Silicon City is fast becoming Goonda Raj but it is even more disturbing because those breaking law are the sons of lawmakers themselves and are going around assaulting ordinary citizens for no reason at all, just to show their political clout.

Recent murderous attack by a goonda Mohammed Nalapad on a civilian highlights the inability of the Police to first arrest him and then book him under proper sections of the law. It is only after our party’s intervention that Sec 307, attempt to murder, was added by the Police. Even though there have been several complaints against this person earlier, the Police have not bothered to register any of the complaints, due to either political or some other pressure, which is becoming evident.

Similarly the K.R.Puram Goonda leader Narayanaswamy, who has openly sprayed petrol on BBMP Revenue Department office and threatened to burndown the records, was assisted by the Police in escaping by their inaction to register a complaint or nab him immediately. It is ironical that those who have encroached on government land and/or usurped poor farmers lands worth thousands of crores, by creating fake documents in K.R.Puram and Mahadevapura area in the last ten years, with the help of real estate mafia and BBMP officials, are roaming around as people’s representatives.

In the previous episode, where thousands of crore worth of bogus bills in BBMP were burnt down overnight, the Police have been unable to make any headway or arrest anyone, due to pressure, effectively closing the case. It appears as if the present Narayanaswamy episode is also an attempt to destroy records to cover up the underhand dealings and/or bogus bills in K R Puram area.

In short, all Government offices have become Congress Party extension counters, where public grievance is not heard. AAP demands that a proper high level enquiry be instituted in above case and in the assault case of Nalapad Mohammed and his gang, where AAP workers were also assaulted, proper cases are booked by the Police against the supporters of MLA Harris and culprits are arrested immediately.

A private media channel (Digvijaya News), has disclosed that the Home Minister himself has purchased benami property. If the fence itself starts eating the crop who will protect the ordinary people? AAP further demands that Ramalingareddy, who has failed in discharging his duties and is involved in land grabbing acts, be immediately dismissed from the cabinet failing which, AAP has threatened to intensify their agitation.

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