AAP aims to provide dignity of life to all

“Delhi government believes that every human deserves dignity, no matter their status”

– Rajendra Pal Gautam, Social Welfare Minister

Delhi Government launched a pilot project for creating livelihood opportunities for beggars. 

This pilot project involves 25 men and women, as 20,719 persons are engaged in act of begging (PEAB) in Delhi according to a survey in February, 2021 by the Social Welfare Department and Institute for Human Development. 

The goal is to make Delhi ‘begging-free’ by imparting training and skill-building to them, whilst giving financial help. 

In sessions held at AAP Government’s Night shelters, women are trained on food processing, men are trained on wall painting and mobile repair. The project will be eventually replicated in all Delhi districts, and eventually across all of India, with your help.

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OT Editor