• Delhi Government to enhance ex-gratia under relief policy

• Delhi Government to enhance ex-gratia under relief policy• Cap of compensation to be hiked from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh

Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday December 02 visited the Cooler Market (Kamla Market) to take stock of the damage the shopkeepers suffered due to a fire in the month of October 2017. After taking stock of the losses of the shopkeepers at Kamla Market, the Chief Minister said that the compensation under the ex-gratia relief policy for such loses seems to be quite inadequate in several cases and thus the policy must be amended and enhanced.

The current ex-gratia relief policy has criteria of Rs. 1 lakh as the maximum compensation for a shopkeeper if the shop faces a calamity like fire etc.  “Ordered enhanced compensation to affected shopkeepers. Will amend policy to provide higher compensation to shopkeepers affected by such incidents in future,” the CM wrote on twitter after the visit. The Chief Minister told the shopkeepers that the maximum compensation would be raised from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh for such disasters. The Government of Delhi will soon amend the policy to raise the amount of compensation.  Now, the shopkeepers of Kamla Market and those suffering such calamities in future would get Rs. 10 lakh (Or 50% of the total loses – whichever is less) as compensation. Mr. Kejriwal asked the officers to speed up the process of changing the policy. The Chief Minister was accompanied by Cabinet Minister Mr. Imran Hussain, MLA Ms Alka Lamba, MLA Mr. Vishesh Ravi and senior officials of the Delhi Government.

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