It’s an old dirty trick of BJP to lure MLAs of opponents by offering crores of rupees. Our Honest Prime Minster never explains source of this money.
This week BJP miserably failed to gather even minimum crowd in the rallies of Mr Amit Shah & Mr Rajnath Singh at Delhi. This has pushed BJP to desperation.

We had exposed BJP in 2014 through a Video sting operation in which their Delhi Vice President Sher Singh Dagar was offering 5 crores to our Sangam Vihar MLA to switch sides to BJP.

BJP tried the same through people like Kapil Mishra who also unsuccessfully tried to destabilise the Delhi Govt. Later it became clear who was pulling his strings.

Mr Anil Vajpayee has alleged that he is unhappy with AAP trying a alliance with Congress , while he has himself served Congress for 15 years before joining AAP. Traders in Gandhi Nagar have faced sealing & losses in business due to BJP’s Central Govt & it’s MCD. By joining BJP, he has not only deceived AAP but also cheated trader Community in Gandhi Nagar.

Saurabh Bharadwaj

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