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27 November 2019

Not just 100 people, the whole of Delhi should be provided the registry – CM Kejriwal
Politics on unauthorized colonies not acceptable, we want registry – CM Kejriwal
Regularization of unauthorized colonies and registry should be provided within three days of application – CM Kejriwal

New Delhi: Addressing a press conference at the Delhi Secretariat on Wednesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the scale of development of the unauthorized colonies in the last five years has been the highest in the last 70 years. Lashing out at the opposition for doing nothing for the development of unauthorized colonies, CM Kejriwal said that the BJP is indulging in a political and media gimmick by providing registration papers to just 100 property owners before assembly elections.

CM Kejriwal said, “Being the Capital of India, Delhi has a huge influx of migrants from all over the country in search of employment and better opportunities. In the last 30-40 years, Delhi has been significant in terms of migration of people from other states in large numbers. It has been the responsibility of the DDA to provide affordable housing to the people in Delhi, but unfortunately, the stipulated demand for housing has not been met. This has resulted in the set-up of unauthorized colonies in the city in large numbers. The previous governments did nothing to improve the conditions of these unauthorized colonies and the people had to continue to live in miserable conditions. Residents demanded the development and regularization of unauthorized colonies, but all they could get were false promises. Since the formation of the government in 2015, we have worked extensively for the progress, development, and regularization of unauthorized colonies.”

Assembly elections will be contested on the progress made in Delhi
CM Kejriwal said, “The scale of development in the unauthorized colonies during our term has been the highest in the last 70 years. This shows the intent of our government which is working for the development of the unauthorized colonies. Before we came to power, there were just statements and politics when it came to working for the progress of these colonies. A lot of progress has been made in Delhi in all the spheres, including education, health, electricity, water, installation of CCTV cameras and street lights. The upcoming assembly elections in Delhi will be contested based on all this progress that has been made in Delhi in the last five years. The political discourse in Delhi will be the discourse of all the developments that have happened in the city in the last five years, and this will be the first election to be contested on the criteria of development in 70 years of history of India. People of Delhi will be voting for the AAP because of all the work that it has done in Delhi. We have worked hard to develop the unauthorized colonies that BJP should not even appeal to the people in the unauthorized colonies to vote for them.”

No logic behind giving registration to only 100 residents of unauthorized colonies: CM Kejriwal
“The agenda of the upcoming assembly elections behind their sudden efforts to regularize the unauthorized colonies is clear. We only want registration of properties in the unauthorized colonies. Immediately after the formation of our government, we sent a proposal to regularize the colonies to the Centre on 12th November 2015. But the Centre failed to take any action on the same for four years. We constantly sent reminders and letters on the matter, but our plea fell on deaf ears. It is now when people starting questioning their efforts for the development of Delhi in comparison to AAP, they started working on the regularization of these colonies. Whatever I have been reading in the newspapers since the last 2-3 days is disturbing for me. The news is that only 100 property owners will receive registration papers before the assembly elections, and the rest will receive registration after the elections. But what is the reason behind this? I want to appeal to the center to not turn this issue into a media gimmick and provide registration papers to all the residents of the unauthorized colonies. All the opposition parties are on the same track; even Congress used to give provisional certificates to the people but deliberately delayed the regularization process onto the next elections. Why is it that only 100-500 people will receive the registration before elections? We demand to establish such a system where the people shall get the registry within three days of their application. There should not be any discrimination of providing registry to only 100 people,” said the Chief Minister.
“There is no logic behind providing registration to only 100 people before just before the elections; it is just a PR stunt of the opposition as they have nothing to show as their development initiative. They should provide registration to all the residents of the unauthorized colonies all at once.
I want to ask, where was the BJP when the Delhi government was working on laying sewer and water pipelines and constructing roads in the unauthorized colonies in the city? They are acting on the regularization procedure now when they should have done this way back,” the Chief Minister added.

Do not trust anyone until you get registration papers in hand: CM Kejriwal
The Chief Minister appealed to the people to not trust anyone until they get the registration paper in their hands. He said, “The people have been betrayed in the previous elections. The BJP could have started the process six months ago, but their concern now is just a political gimmick. We had already sent satellite maps to the Centre in 2015, and the Centre denied it asking for physical mapping of the colonies. Now when they are using our satellite maps for the regularization process, why could they not have done it earlier.”

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