In the backdrop of the child rape and murder cases that were reported in two schools of Delhi and Gurgaon (Haryana) earlier this week, Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia has ordered a slew of measures that every school must take to ensure safety of children studying in Delhi’s schools. He announced the decisions after a meeting with officials of the Education Department, the MCDs, the NDMC, representatives from prominent private schools of Delhi, as well as officials of Delhi Police on Monday.

1. Police verification of non-teaching staff

All Delhi schools have been asked to prepare a list of all non-teaching staff, temporary or permanent, in-house or outsourced. The list will be submitted to local police stations for verification within the next 7 days. Officials of Delhi Police present in the meeting agreed to process the verification within two weeks of receiving the lists.

2. CCTV Cameras in each room of every school

Every school in Delhi to install CCTV cameras in every single room within the school building. Corridors, dead spots, cloak rooms must all be under CCTV surveillance at all times. “It is my personal mission to ensure each room of every school in Delhi will have CCTV cameras installed,” he said, in an interview to India Today.

3. Committee setup to recommend steps for safety of children

A high-level committee of major stakeholders from private schools, Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR), officials of the Education Department, chaired by Director, Education, will work for the preparation of an operational checklist that ensures safety for the children in all schools.

Dy CM Sisodia assured the people of Delhi that on the Aam Aadmi Party’s watch, no matter which political leader has a stake in private schools, the government will deal with every case of negligence strictly and firmly. He said that exemplary punishment will be meted out to the private school in Delhi, in which the rape of a young girl was reported.

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Akshay Marathe


    • Raj Babbar

      All school buses must only have lady escorts (conductors) and a lady teacher from/to the school on the entire route of each bus.

    • Kuldeep Malil

      The efforts taken by Edn minister to impart the quality of Edn in Delhi is highly appreciable. Well done Sir and salute from a Soldier posted at Srinagar.

    • kuldip singh

      the blame goes to parents who are hell bent to send their children to such schools.

    • Sanchayita Debverma

      Dear Sir/madam,
      when will the operational checklist be ready? Can you give us a specific date? Post that date we can then chase the school authority to implement it and keep a close watch on implementation. Kindly update us.

    • Umesh Parmar

      Many many thanks to Dy.CM Mr.Manish Sisodia ji for your sincere, dedicated & focused efforts to raise education standards in Delhi schools for over all development & growth of Delhi young population. Sir you deserve extra appreciation for running Delhi Govt. progressively & achieving AAP manifesto promises in its true spirit, by not passing the burden on Delhi people.

    • John Ferns

      Take Books & Uniforms From School And Take Education From Home. This means everything we get from School except Education. Teacher gives Parents the task to make their Student Learn in the House despite Parents give Teachers huge Fees. Corrupt Schools should be closed for betterment of India & Indians. CCTVs are must inside and around the School for the Safety & Security of the Students!


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