I am proud of you Delhi, thank you – CM Arvind Kejriwal

  • CM Kejriwal congratulates people of Delhi on success of 10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute campaign
  • On the last Sunday of the campaign, CM Kejriwal inspects his home for stagnant clean water

New Delhi: Addressing the people through a video message, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal congratulated the people of Delhi for the success of 10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute campaign against Dengue. CM Kejriwal also inspected his home for signs of Dengue on the last Sunday of the 10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute campaign and said that Delhi has presented a solution for Dengue to the whole world.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “I want to congratulate the people of Delhi. 10 weeks back, together we started the fight to combat Dengue. We initiated the campaign 10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute, Har Ravivar, Dengue Par Vaar. It’s the 10th week today and the last Sunday of checking your home for stagnant clean water. I am proud to say that we have successfully defeated Dengue. There were more than 15000 cases in the year 2015 and 60 deaths. This year, there have been less than 1100 cases until last week and no deaths. This is all because of the people of Delhi. People participated in the campaign in huge numbers, and we could not have done this without their support. Even celebrities, film-stars, journalists and people from all walks of life participated in the campaign.”

He said, “People from outside Delhi congratulated us and wished us luck for this endeavor. I want to thank everyone on behalf of the people of Delhi. People residing in various parts of the country severely suffering from Dengue said they wished their states could also initiate such a campaign. I hope the entire world can initiate such campaigns. More than 100 countries are suffering from Dengue but they did not know how to combat this disease. But Delhi has shown them the way. I am really proud of the people of Delhi. Thank you!”*

Doctors had warned of spike in Dengue cases this year

Doctors had expressed apprehension to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, saying that this year, Dengue may intensify. The 10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute campaign was initiated to ensure Delhi doesn’t witness another outbreak of of the disease, and it has achieved great results.

The campaign got huge participation from various celebrities

10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute campaign has also been supported by all the celebrities and people from all spheres. Hon’ble LG of Delhi Anil Baijal has also instructed Delhi Development Authority and Delhi Police to play an important role in this. Many celebrities have lauded Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for the campaign.

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