Aam Aadmi Party Karnataka released the first list of its 18 candidates for the forthcoming 2018 Assembly elections today in a function held at Woodlands Hotel. Releasing the list, AAP General Secretary and Party Observer for Karnataka, Shri Pankaj Gupta said that the reason why AAP is fighting in Karnataka is simple. Karnataka is the most corrupt state in India, Bengaluru is the worst administered city in the country and Karnataka is also no.2 in farmer suicides. People are in distress and are looking for a honest alternative. They have been denied even basic infrastructure facilities by successive governments. Our work in Delhi has given us confidence that we can do wonders in Karnataka too. He explained how the AAP Government’s work in  the field of Education and Health is winning accolades internationally. Our candidates have no allegation of corruption, criminality or communal-ism. These people have been working with the people of their constituency for over a year and are the right people to take the problems of the peole for discussion in Assembly after winning.

He then read out the names of candidates with a brief introduction, beginning with AAP Karnataka State Convener Prithvi Reddy from Sarvajna Nagar.

Speaking next, Rajya Sabha Member Shri Sanjay Singh said that fighting corruption is our main plank and explained how corruption is affecting the lives of people everywhere. He said that we will not discuss issues of religion/caste or other divisive topics but highlight our achievement in Delhi in the field of Education and Healthcare. He regretted that Budget was passed in Parliament without any discussion and no topic of people’s welfare gets discussed there and the proceeding are continually disrupted. Just like a labourer does not get paid if there is no work, parliamentarians too should not been paid for work that does not happen in Parliament. He said that he has written such a letter to the Chair and this reflects the pro-people attitude of AAP. The RSS which went around distributing pamphlets urging people to buy swadeshi items has changed and their BJP government gave 100% FDI permission. Even when Parliament was stalled both BJP and Congress came together to pass the Finance Bill, which converted all their black foreign money into white. But AAP will give people a true honest alternative he said.

Replying to a question whether AAP will align with BJP or Congress after elections, State Convenor Prithvi Reddy said that the AAP ideals do not match with either of the parties and this question should be asked to them if they will make adjustment with each other. He also said that it is the wish of AAP to contest all 224 seats but AAP may not contest such seat where there is no organization structure and the search of suitable candidate is not possible. He also said the recent development in Punjab will have no bearing on the state and we are fully aware of the reasons behind such decision by party leadership. He also state that we are fully behind Arvind Kejriwal in his fight . . .


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