International Education Ministers attend Happiness Class with Education Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia at a Delhi Govt School

Education Minister of Afghanistan Mr. Assadullah Hanif Balkhi & UAE, along with Education Director of Chhatisgarh, Secretary of Afghanistan Embassy Mr. Mohd Omer visited Sarvodaya Bal Vidyala, Rouse Avenue, Delhi with Dy CM & Education Minister Sh. Manish Sisodia early morning on Thursday to attend happiness class.

– This is after many policy makers conveyed their curiosity & interest in the Happiness Curriculum of Delhi Govt, at the Asian Summit on Education & Skills at JW Marriot yesterday, which was hosted by Delhi Govt.

– The delegation attended a happiness class & was astounded by the cleanliness of the school, the dynamism of the teachers, the responsiveness of the students & the impact of Happiness Curriculum.

New Delhi: Delhi Govt’s Dy CM & Education Minister hosted Education Minister of Afghanistan Mohd Assadullah Hanif Balkhi & of UAE Mohd. Hussain Ibrahim Al Hammadi, along with Education Director of Chhatisgarh, Secretary of Afghanistan Embassy Mr. Mohd Omer visited the Happiness Curriculum class Sarvodaya Bal Vidyala, Rouse Avenue, Delhi early morning today. The visit was organized by Delhi Govt on Education Minister Manish Sisodia’s request to the ministers to see the Happiness Classes with their own eyes, to quench their curiosity towards the curriculum.

The delegation was amazed to see such a clean & green school campus. Education Minister Manish Sisodia told the delegation that it is so because Delhi Govt decided that the time of teachers & the principals should be reserved purely for education & thus made the provision of the principals having the autonomy of hiring one dedicated person, estate manager, to focus on maintenance of the school infrastructure. The delegation appreciated the use of smart classrooms in the school too, and said they could never imagine so much being offered to the students even when the fee is zero.

What pulled the delegation early morning to the Delhi Govt School was their curiosity towards Happiness Curriculum classes. The delegation spent ample time interacting with the students of 6th & 7th grades on what is Happiness for the kids & how do the kids feel after their Happiness/mindfulness sessions. The students were very responsive & said that they felt their concentration in studies is increasing with happiness classes and they feel that they can focus better on the task at hand. Education Minister Sh. Manish Sisodia, Afghanistan’s Education Minister Mr. Assadullah Hanif Balkhi even sat with the kids in the class with the students & attended one of the mindfulness sessions. Afghanistan & UAE’s Education Ministers showed strong intentions to initiate teacher exchange programs between Delhi & their nations in times to come, so that there can be constructive peer learning.

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