“Our children don’t need malls, they need the right mahaul – one which doesn’t just make them feel loved, but also treats them with respect,” said Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia during the launch of the ‘Parent Workshops’ at Sarvodaya Co-Ed Vidyalaya, Rohini Sector-6.

While addressing the parents who had assembled at the school for the workshop, he said,

You are not just creating the next generation of professionals, you are creating the next generation of Indian citizens

The AAP government has launched this initiative with the aim of increasing the involvement of parents in the school activities of their children. The ‘Parents Workshops’ will initially be conducted in ten Government schools, and will soon be expanded to 50 schools. The workshops will cater to parents of children studying in Classes 10 and 12 to begin with, but eventually all parents will be enrolled.

Your child is not merely a child in your family, she is a future citizen of our country. Your role as parents is also a service to society. Parents need to establish a channel of positive communication with their children, something that is missing at the moment. We will need to talk our children out of their fear of failure. Instead of making our children feel more confident about themselves, sometimes we feed into their fear by constantly reminding them that they cannot fail.

The AAP Government has been working on building a genuine parent-teacher partnership in the past as well. School management committees and Parent Teacher Meetings have had tremendous success in increasing the involvement of parents in their children’s performance in schools.

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