BJP is playing with the life of Delhi residents due to political gain: Sanjay Singh

No one should oppose any good initiative just for opposition: Singh

For the betterment of people BJP should come above politics and join hand in the campaign against Dengue: Sanjay Singh

Rajya Sabha MP Mr Sanjay Singh on Monday in a press conference said that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal led campaign against Dengue which is 10 hafte, 10 baje, 10 minute has received support from citizens, celebrities from films, sports, journalists and many other people. However, BJP has opposed to this good initiative of CM Kejriwal.

He said, “ It is unfortunate that the BJP did not participate in this campaign. Not a single leader came out to participate in this initiative to make Delhi Dengue Free. When PM Modi came up with Swach Bharat Campaign then CM Kejriwal joined it and urged the citizens to join too.”

Commenting on a statement issued by MCDs led by BJP Singh said that the statement was unfortunate as they did not support the campaign but claimed that there was not Dengue larvae in MCD schools and offices but the same was found Delhi govt schools and offices. “BJP is doing politics on the issue of making Delhi Dengue Free,” said Singh.

He said that in 2015 when we came to power then Delhi had 15000 cases of Dengue. But after the continuous effort in the 4.5 years in 2018-19 the number of Dengue cases came down to 2700. In 2015 nearly 60 deaths used happen due to Dengue but now due to the effort of Delhi government the number has came down to zero.

Experts say that in three to four years The dengue mosquitoes become active And cause disease. After taking consultation from the experts the Delhi government has started this initiative.

Slamming the BJP leaders Singh said that when Dengue mosquitoes bite then they do not see any political party therefore the BJP should not act like Dengue mosquitoes but to work in hand with the government to make this initiative successful.

Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh also question the report of the MCD. He said, “It’s questionable to believe that no MCD schools or offices have any Dengue larvae but Delhi govt’s has. However we will will inspect every place. I think any party should not oppose any good cause just for the opposition.”

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