Delhi government has released the “Quality Education for All” report, detailing all of Aam Aadmi Party’s reforms in education over the last three years. Click here to view and download.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has written at the beginning of the report:

Delhi’s school education reforms have been recognised across the country and the world as a benchmark for policymakers. The dramatic turnaround in the condition of Delhi’s government schools has brought us closer to our goal of providing quality and accessible education to every child in Delhi.

Education is a leveller in an unequal society like ours. The only way to build a more just society is by ensuring equal opportunity for all. The remarkable improvement in government schools has led to a narrowing of the acute class divide between children studying in private and government schools. We have operated on the principle of “No Child Left Behind” with a focus on ensuring every single child’s interests are looked after. Whether it is through large scale upgrade of building infrastructure and capacity expansion, or through advanced teacher training focused on improving learning outcomes, the government’s interventions have been thoughtfully designed to create maximum impact.

Delhi government schemes like Chunauti 2018, strengthening of SMCs and the Mentor Teacher Program have attracted academic researchers from across the world. In fact, Harvard University is conducting a study assessing the impact of our work on SMCs.

The last three years have been spectacular for Delhi’s government schools. As Education Minister, I can only be proud of the progress we have made.




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