Press Release – 1 July 2019

Office of the Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Delhi

· Representation to name road/square after late Ankit Saxena submitted to Dy CM

· Dy CM assures to initiate the procedure for naming road/square immediately

· Will call a meeting of the committee to fulfil Yash Pal ji’s wishes: Dy CM

New Delhi: Madipur MLA Sh. Girish Soni on Monday met the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Sh. Manish Sisodia at the Delhi Secretariat and submitted a representation to the Dy CM on behalf of the father of late Ankit Saxena.

The representation reiterates the request of the father of late Ankit to name a road/street in after late Ankit. The Deputy Chief Minister had promised to Sh. Yash Pal, father of late Ankit, to name the concerned street/square in the name of late Ankit. The request is to rename the road where late Ankit was murdered, which is also close to the residence of the Saxena’s residence.

While receiving the representation letter from MLA Sh. Girish Soni, the Deputy Chief Minister said, “I have assured Yash Pal ji that the government will support the family in every way possible. They had expressed a desire that the road or square where Ankit lost his life be named after him. I will initiate the procedure for the name change immediately and call a meeting of the committee to fulfil Yash Pal ji’s wishes.”

Less than a week ago, the Delhi government handed over cheque of ₹15 lakhs to late Ankit Saxena’s family. The government had also notified the appointment of two public prosecutors, Ms. Rebecca M John and Mr. Vishal Hossain, in an effort to ensure the strictest possible punishment for the accused.

When Deputy Chief Minister Sh. Manish Sisodia visited the family last week to hand over the cheque, Sh. Yash Pal, Saxena’s father had requested the government to name the road/square where the tragedy took place. The deputy chief minister had assured the family that their request was possible to implement and that the government will carry out their wish.

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