Aam Aadmi Party’s connection with the aam aadmi is stronger than ever.  On 17 October, AAP’s National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal wrote this email to the party’s supporters, asking for a donation of Rs 100. Within six hours, the party had received Rs. 8 lakh from one thousand donors—an average donation of Rs. 800.  Within one day, that figure touched Rs. 14.72 lakh; within eighteen hours, the total was Rs. 18 lakh. Finally, the party received more than Rs. 50 lakh — a truly wonderful gift for Diwali from all of you.

There are two parts to this that hearten us in the party.  First, that the party continues to be funded by common people of India.  Over 80 percent of donations were less than Rs. 501 and a majority of those aam donations were of less than Rs. 100. The surge of small donors is an affirmation of our party’s position as a torch-bearer of clean political funding.

The hashtag #CleanPoliticsThisDiwali was a trending topic during Diwali, as the party’s supporters on social media shared their donation certificates, urging others to make a small donation as well.

Running a political party also requires organization and effort.  Which is why the Party has set up an “Outreach team”, which has the specific task of generating honest political funding. This team has already reached out to party supporters. We have also configured our system, so that every donor, however small, can elect to be alerted to receive monthly emails inviting them to donate the same small amount every month, thus building a monthly stream of resources.

A good cause, well executed, is bound to get the support of all well-meaning persons.  This Diwali donation campaign is just the start of more such outreach efforts by the Aam Admi Party—for your money, for your ideas, for your time, and for your support.

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Aam Aadmi Party survives on the support provided by our individual donors. Do you want to make a small contribution to the party? Click here to donate now.

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