Delhi’s History Unfolds as Mehrauli Monsoon Festival concludes

New Delhi, September 01, 2019: Concluding the three-day celebration of Virasat-e-Mehrauli on a melodic and vibrant note, Mehrauli Monsoon Festival witnessed the mesmerising performance of renowned Bollywood Musician, Javed Ali. From his Bollywood hits to soulful Sufi songs, he had the audience enthralled with his singing. Delhiites not only relished the stellar performance but actively participated in the Heritage & Ecological walks, as well as the art & sculpting workshops during the day.

On the occasion, Shri Manish Sisodia, Hon’ble Dy CM, Govt of Delhi, plans to bring Mehrauli on the tourism map of Delhi. Addressing the large gathering he stated, “It is time we highlight the hidden gems of Mehrauli so more tourists visiting the city explore these unique monuments. I urge the younger generation to promote these through social media. Together we with the power of social media can make it all happen. ”

S.P Singh, a resident of Lado Sarai, stated, “I have been actively reading and working about Mehrauli’s monuments since the early 1970s. The way this area and the venues have been prepared; the cultural programmes organised gives a lot of boost to Mehrauli. Where once I could barely sit, I now wish to spend more time in Jharna.”

Starting early on a pleasant morning with a walk on traditional water bodies of Mehrauli led by historian Sohail Hashmi, saw a large group of people in attendance. Many opted to attend the other walks as well in order to further explore the different aspects of Mehrauli. Kids across ages, thronged to Jharna to make the best of the last day of the Art & Sculpting workshops.

Maan Sigh Dagar stated “I am visiting this place after five decades, and I am immensely happy to see the initiatives taken to emphasize on Mehrauli. As an artist and teacher, myself, it eases me to see that the younger generations are getting to experience and learn about art, culture and heritage.”

The evening Heritage Walk around Mehrauli village was led by Dr. Swapna Liddle, Convener-INTACH Delhi Chapter, which brought to light the context of how Delhi’s oldest city had come to be what it is today. Over the past three days, over 150 people have attended the walks, over 200 people per day, have attended the workshops on art & sculpting with an overall footfall of over 20,000 people has been noted during the festival

Inaugurated by Sh. Manish Sisodia, Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister, the festival saw performances by renowned artists such as Qutbi Brothers, Kashish Mittal, Rani Khanam & Group, Shaswati Mandol, and Indira & Sanket Nayek over the past three days. Local artists upheld the festivities throughout the programme.

The first of its kind festival, came to an end but has successfully ignited a curiosity in visitors about Mehrauli and its heritage, while the residents have found newer reasons to be proud and protective of the heritage that surrounds them.

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