New Delhi: 24/12/2018


·       DJB approves Rs. 376 crores for rejuvenation of 159 lakes all over Delhi
·       Board also approves Rs. 77 crores for the creation of two mega lakes in Rohini and Nilothi
·       Approval in line with the vision of Chief Minister to rejuvenate 200 lakes all over Delhi

In a major decision, which would help recharge groundwater, create additional reserves of water among other benefits, the Delhi Jal Board on Monday December 24 approved the proposal for Rejuvenation of 159 water-bodies all over Delhi along with the creation of 2 mega lakes at Nilothi STP and Rohini STP. Rs. 376 crores were approved for rejuvenation of 159 lakes while more than Rs. 77 crores were approved for creation of two mega lakes.
With the approval of Nilothi and Rohini mega lakes, the total number of lakes to be created in Delhi goes up to five. Dwarka and Najafgarh are already approved and Timarpur will be approved soon.
Cumulative Lake area will be spread across over 350 Acres with water potential to hold 1581 Million Litres or 135 Million Gallons. Water-bodies will be designed scientifically to recharge groundwater to the maximum extent possible.  Apart from Rainwater, Treated Water from STPs will be polished using natural wetlands and other methods to maintain the water levels in the water-body throughout the year.  The step will improve depleting groundwater levels of Delhi apart from making Delhi sustainable for water supply. Excess water from the ground will be taken out to augment Delhi water supply wherever required.
In addition to the lakes being created and rejuvenated by the Delhi Jal Board, 29 lakes are being rejuvenated by the Irrigation Flood Department. This is being done in line with the announcement made by the Chief Minister of rejuvenating 200 water bodies in Delhi.
Landscaping, public areas and open spaces would be created around the mega lakes and other big lakes. Maintenance of the lakes is also a part of the project to keep them well. The consultants for the project are NEERI, IIT Delhi and WAPCOS.
Different models would be used for different lakes depending on the condition in the area. Some would have treated sewage water of the local area, those in the dry areas will be revived through nearby STPs.
The total cost for the rejuvenation of 159 lakes is Rs. 376 crores, while Rs. 53.85 crore is the amount for 32-acre Rohini mega lake and Rs. 23.5 crore for 25-acre Nilothi mega lake.

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