Transport Minister Mr Kailash Gahlot has issued the following statement on Saturday, 31st August :

Delhi Govt welcomes the amendments made in MV Act 2019.
The stricter penalties will definitely result in reduction in accidents and it will improve the compliance of traffic rules by vehicle owners .
It will have great impact on road safety also.
Section 200 of MV Act authorizes the Delhi government to issue a Gazette notification for compounding of certain offences , indicating as to who will be the person who can compound the offences and as to what would be the amount for which the offences can be compounded.
Since heavy pealties have been prescribed under the Act after a gap of many years ,the compounding notification will be issued with serious consultation with Traffic police and other stake holders.
It should not negate the effect of changes. it should facilitate the enforcement agencies otherwise their officers will remain busy in court cases only if the offenders do not agree for compounding amount.
we will decide in a day or two.
Public safety and convienience will be carefully balanced .

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