New Delhi: 18/09/2019

Delhi govt to pay Class X & XII CBSE exam fee of 3.14 lakh students

·         Cabinet approves the Department of Education’s CBSE exam fee proposal

·         Govt to pay exam fee of students of govt schools, govt aided including taken over schools & Patrachar Vidyalayas

·         Delhi govt to bear the expenditure of around Rs 57 crore per year  

The Cabinet, in its meeting on Wednesday chaired by the Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal approved the Department of Education’s proposal that the Delhi government will pay the CBSE Examination Fee of Class X and XII students of Government, Government Aided schools including taken over schools and Patrachar Vidyalayas.

The cabinet decision will benefit around three lakh fourteen thousand students, at a cost of around Rs 57 crore to the government.


The assessment of students of classes III to VIII and IX & XI is being done through centralized exams conducted by the Directorate of Education (DoE)  in the form of Mid Term and Annual Exams. The assessment of students of classes X & XII is being done through Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) by conducting Annual Exams in the months of March-April. All expenditure involved in conduct of Home Exams on items like printing of question papers, answer sheets and other related items is met by the Directorate of Education under a scheme “ Examination Reforms Br for quality improvement – S&M” without passing the burden of any expenditure to students/parents. However, Examination Fees charged by the CBSE is borne by students for classes X and XII. Head of Schools collect this fee from students and remit to CBSE usually during September month.


The scope and coverage of this decision is to give complete subsidy to the students towards CBSE Board exam fees is as under:

(i)   All the students of classes X and XII studying in Government Schools, Government Aided Schools, including Taken Over schools, and Patrachar Vidyalaya of Directorate of Education, will be covered under the scheme.

(ii) Directorate of Education will remit the total Exam Fee of students of Government Schools, Government Aided Schools including Taken Over Schools and Patrachar Vidyalaya of Directorate of Education directly to CBSE through Heads of Schools concerned. This includes fee payable towards Practical Exams for Science stream and Vocational subjects opted by students of Class XII. No fee shall be collected from students on account of CBSE Board Exam Fee.

(iii) This scheme will be implemented from the current academic session 2019-20 onwards.

 The present proposal to bear the expenditure on account of providing complete subsidy towards CBSE Board Examination Fee of students of class X and XII of Government Schools, Government Aided Schools including Taken Over schools and Patrachar Vidyalaya for the current financial year 2019-20 is as under:

(i)    The proposed scheme is expected to benefit a total of about 3.14 lakh students for both classes X and XII taken together.

(ii)  For the students of class X(179914) and XII (133802), there are 5(Five) Compulsory Subjects and One Optional subject for which fee is to be remitted. This will be Rs. 1800 per student for class XII and 1800 per student for class X.

(iii)   In respect of 14,783 Science Stream students of class XII, there will be 3(three) Practical Exams and fee @ Rs. 150 per Practical Exam needs to be remitted.

(iv)   Students opting for Vocational Stream in class XII will have 2(Two) Practical subjects and fee @Rs. 150 per Practical Exam needs to be remitted.

(v)    For 25000 class X students with Vocational subjects, there will be one Practical Exam for which Exam Fee Rs. 150/- will be payable.

(vi)  This new initiative is expected to cost about Rs. 57.20 crore per annum

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