The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi conducted a Mega PTM (Parent Teachers Meeting) on 21st April, 2018, in 1041 government schools run by it.

Parents of school children studying in Classes VI to IX were invited to their schools to interact with the Teachers, Principals and the SMC (School Management Committee) members.

The concept and benefits of the “Mission Buniyaad” initiative was introduced to the parents.

It is the ground reality of our country that despite going to school, many children don’t know how to read, write or do basic Mathematics. To resolve this, Delhi Government started “Mission Buniyaad”.

The Mission Buniyaad campaign is running for three months, from April to June, 2018. Its purpose is to ensure that the Delhi Government school students studying in Classes VI to IX can read their textbooks and learn to perform basic mathematics operations.

The Mega PTM facilitated achieving the following objectives:

Share children’s goals for Mission Buniyaad with their parents.

Request parents and children to sacrifice their holidays, and dedicate three months to their education and for a better future.

Suggest to parents how to take care of children’s’ needs for adequate food and sleep, so that their quality of education improves.

Request parents to discuss with their children daily about the activities in their school.

Bring parents and teachers closer together, helping their children have a strong educational foundation.

Opportunity for parents to appreciate the vastly improved school buildings, creatively decorated classrooms, new desks and blackboards, toilets, facilities for clean drinking water, etc.

Colourful banners and posters made by school students, and SMC help desks, teachers in the classrooms greeted the parents in each school.

Education Minister Manish Sisodia and his former Advisor Atishi Marlena, the duo that have been the driving force behind educational reforms in Delhi across various fronts, visited many schools spread across Delhi, from the early hours of the morning till 12 noon. Their informal and friendly interactions boosted the morale of all participants. Manish Sisodia also found time to share a student’s mid-day meal, and share a cup of tea with others. He tweeted,

Looking beyond the marvellous school buildings and swimming pools, within two years of introduction of PTM’s, it is remarkable to see how AAP Government is working on strengthening the very foundation and learning skills of students in Delhi Government Schools.

All the parents who attended were effusive in their praise of everything they saw. Some excerpts from their feedback:

Had good meetings with SMC’s. Mission Buniyaad is a good platform for students who do not understand, cannot read, and should continue in future too. I would request parents to not go on holidays, but to send their children to school instead. Will make children more confident; understand their lessons better in future.

I get feedback about my children, how they are studying, their cleanliness, whether they do their homework, etc. I have seen lots of improvement in last three years, since AAP government has formed. I feel very nice.

Never have we seen a government or an Education Minister take our children’s education and their future so seriously.

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