· Services department release from LG Office makes it clear that hon’ble LG is inciting officers
· Despite politically loaded statements, department silent on its core duties
· Services department vie LG needs to speak on what it is doing to fill vacancies?

Late on Friday evening (06th April, 2018) a Press Release was issued by the Services Department, via the Office of the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

The fact that this press release was issued by the Office of the Hon’ble LG clearly proves that the recent strike by officers working for the Delhi government and the concomitant refusal of officers to attend meetings, is taking place with the blessings of the Hon’ble LG. Otherwise how else would a Press Release from the Office of the Hon’ble LG, openly admit that officers are not attending meetings which is an open violation of service rules?

It is a serious matter that the Hon’ble LG, who according to the Constitution of India is a representative (delegate) of the President of India, has been provoking and inciting officers to violate service rules and defy the democratically elected government purely on political grounds.

While the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister have repeatedly written to the Hon’ble LG asking him to ensure that officers attend meetings, there has been no response from him. With this Press Release it is now obvious, why the Hon’ble LG has NOT been trying to resolve the situation or taking action against officers violating service rules.

In this Press Release the Services Department have not talked about any plans to fill the vacancies in the Delhi Government and has rather chosen to beat around the bush. It is very surprising that the department of services has chosen to ignore its core duties in a press release issued on the directions of its political masters.

And despite a public statement loaded with political intent, the department has not bothered to talk about its core duties of filling up the mountain of vacancies.

Rather than politicking, Services department via LG needs to speak up on its plan to fill vacancies

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