Delhi Cabinet approves historic Doorstep Delivery of Public Services

  • Scheme to be rolled out in two-three months time
  • 40 services to be included on the day of roll out, 30-35 to be added every month from roll out—Give your suggestions in the comments below on what additional services can be included.
  • Mobile Sahayaks to visit residents at their doorstep to get their job done

The Government of Delhi in its cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, on Thursday November 16, approved the historic proposal for Doorstep Delivery of Public Services to the Citizens of Delhi.

This will enable the citizens to avail government services at their doorstep just with a call on the call centre number. No citizen of Delhi would have to stand in queues to get their job done for the services listed under the scheme.

The scheme would be rolled out in two to three months time. Forty services would be included in the scheme on the day of roll-out. Apart from these 40-services, minimum 30-35 more services would be added to the scheme every consecutive 30 days from the day of roll out, till all services are covered.

The list of 40 schemes selected in the first phase are:

No. Department No. Name of the Service
1. Revenue

(15 Services)


1 Issuance of Caste (OBC) Certificate
2 Issuance of Caste (SC) Certificate
3 Issuance of Caste (ST) Certificate
4 Issuance of Domicile Certificate
5 Issuance of Income Certificate
6 Issuance of Delayed Birth Order
7 Issuance of Delayed Death Order
8 Issuance of Lal Dora Certificate
9 Issuance of Land Status Report
10 Issuance of Permanent Identity Card to the Disabled Person
11 Issuance of ROR
12 Issuance of Solvency Certificate
13 Issuance of Surviving Member Certificate
14 Registration of Marriage
15 Enrolment as Civil Defence Volunteer
2. Transport

(11 Services)


16 Duplicate RC Certificate,
17 Change of Address in RC
18 Transfer of Ownership
19 Hypothecation Addition
20 Hypothecation Termination
21 Issue of NOC
22 Learner’s License
23 Permanent Driving License
24 Renewal of Driving License
25 Duplicate Driving License
26 Change of address in D/L
3. Social Welfare

(3 Services)


27 Delhi Family Benefit Scheme
28 Handicap Pension Scheme
29 Old Age Pension Scheme
4. Food & Civil Supplies

(2 Services)

30 Issuance of Priority Household Card
31 Updation of Member Details in the AAY/Priority Household Card
5. Delhi Jal Board

(4 Services)

32 New Water/Sewer Connection
33 Mutation
34 Re-opening (After rebuilding of house etc)
35 Disconnection
6. Labour

(2 Services)

36 Registration of Construction Workers under Building and other Construction Workers (RE & CS) Act, 1996
37 Renewal of Registration of Construction Workers under Building and other Construction Workers (RE&CS) Act, 1996.
7. Women & Child Development

(2 Services)

38 Delhi Pension Scheme to Women in Distress (Widow Pension Scheme)
39 Financial Assistant to Poor Widows for performing the marriage of their daughters and Orphan Girls (earlier the name of the Scheme was known as Widow’s Daughter Marriage-WDM)
8. Law & Justice and Legislative Affairs

(1 Service)

40 Marriage License to solemnize marriages between Indian Christians

According to the previous figures of transactions for the 40 services to be provided from roll out, approximately 25-lakh transactions are held every year. Each transaction takes around 4 visit to the concerned office by the applicant.

The services would be provided at your doorstep at your convenient day and time, including holidays.
Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia

The Doorstep Delivery of Public Services aims to extend Government Services beyond counter at citizens’ residence through Mobile Sahayaks. Citizens willing to avail this facility will now be able to make a request to the Call Centre setup by the Government for different services. The citizens will be assisted in obtaining the required service by a Mobile Sahayak at their doorstep at a prefixed facilitation fee and at a pre-scheduled date & time through the Call Centre.

The task of Mobile Sahayaks under the supervision of Inter Mediatory Agency shall be to visit the citizen’s home as per their request made to the Call Centre. They will facilitate citizen in applying for required public service. The Mobile Sahayak shall collect any physical documents, if required, for availing the said service and deposit the same with the concerned department.

In the comments box below, please give your suggestions on the additional services that the Delhi government can offer in the coming months, apart from the forty listed above.

When expressing your views in the comments, please use clean and dignified language, even when you are expressing disagreement. Also, we encourage you to Flag any abusive or highly irrelevant comments. Thank you.



    • shawn

      The Call Centre 1076 does not work. It is next to impossible getting through the team. There is no dedicated email ID as well
      1. Build toll-free number
      2. Have a call back arrangement
      3. Have customer care email id

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    • sneha

      आम आदमी पार्टी अपने अनोखे फैसले को लेकर हमेशा ही चर्चा में रही है और अब यह डोरस्टेप डिलीवरी बहुत ही अच्छा फैसला है इससे कई लोगो को सहायता मिलेगी अगर आप इस स्कीम के बारे में और अधीक जानकारी चाहते है तो पर विजिट अवश्य करे


      आज मैं अपने यहाँ राशन कार्ड के आवेदन देने गया तो देखा सारे लोग परेशान है कतार में।कुछ लोगो से जानकारी लेनी चाही तो उन्होंने बताया कि कल ही भीड़ नियंत्रण में एक कर्मचारी की मौत हो गयी थी।मुझे लगा कि जो सेवाएं यहां सरकारी दफ्तर में दी जा रही है क्यों न उसे आवेदक के घर पर दिया जाय ।क्यों न वोटर आईडी कार्ड की तरह इसे भी जनता के घर तक दिया जाय ।
      और हमारी दिल्ली सरकार ने ऐसी सेवाएं देनी शुरू कर दी बहुत खुशी मिली।
      विष्णु कांत तिवारी

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    • vinod kumar

      really appreciable. Great. pioneer in the country


      These Delhi Cabinet approves historic Doorstep Delivery of Public Services are for human being help.this is great step sir

    • Ashwani kumar

      Thank you for iplementing this. This will help a lot to my Aged Father who lives in Delhi.

    • Name knv nair

      Great initiative that will be well received by the people.

    • Nayeem Ahmed

      you are born great. A great thing can only be done by a great person; and they do it without effort.
      “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
      Nayeem Ahmed
      your Fan and Supporter

    • Anuradha

      Great to see this please ensure that services are delivered as promised. Also it may be worthwhile to have a link or a platform where one but search for the garment services that they are eligible for. Currently but example I need I certificate for my visual impairment however I do not know what else support could I get from the government. Single window or a searchable database that can provide this information will be extremely helpful for citizens.


      I am not getting my certificste modiji you only make schemes.

    • Rahul

      Great initiative ! Well done

    • E D Thomas

      Great initiative.

    • Bhagwan Das

      Sir Mai obc hu par mairai or mairai brother kai pas obc ka koi proof nahi hai gis wajah se bahut dikat hoti hai kripya aap help karai m.b-9871582677 delhi 110059

    • tanveer patel

      thanks for launching so many schemes and i suggest you to put specially voter id card, aadhar card and survey the total population of delhi and verify the voter id so it will be a proper planning and stop the rigging of votes

    • Tarun mehra

      This will be a step towards the real development


      I appreciate your approach towards good n transparent governance practice. This type of models will really create a confidence among people and beneficial for our society. Can you add ration delivery and emergency patient pickup ambulance service for BPL card holder only. BPL card holder should be scrutinized about their actual status.

    • iqbal nasser

      wish your government and its good intentions to serve the people the very best. Hope your team flourishes and/but remains grounded that they are here to serve the AAM AAdmi. Finally, the truth will prevail and people must be victorious against the fascist and divisive, now and earlier in power parties.

    • Mahesh Soni

      While this is an excellent initiative, It deserves awareness and informed to all people of Delhi specially lower sections of the society. This also needs to be assessed at field level and improvements needed.

    • Name:--Arun Alshi,Pune

      message:–My heartiest congratulations for the services.Following query:–1)Whether the mobile sahayak is who knows what all documents are required for a particular sevice?,2)Is their any time limit fix for the services,3)Whether acknowledgement will be issued with tracking system,4)Whether there will be a monitoring system created for this service to be monitored on regular basis by Ministry.
      All this will make your scheme effective.In Maharashtra for submitting aplication there has to 3 to 4 visits,every time some thing or other is demanded.
      I sincerely congratulate to AAP.Long Live APP
      Arun ALshi.

    • Ashok Gulati

      Excellent and novel idea. Shall be of great help to Sr Citizens

    • Anand Goswami, 020-24464839, 8888881959, Pune.

      Dear AK / MS,
      I greatly appreciate “The Mobile Sahayak” initiative taken up by AAP. Mean while, I will appreciate you more for stopping ” Public shaming of PM” game that you play as a blood sport, nation does not like it.


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