Daily inspections to check hoarding on tomatoes and onions in wholesale markets

  • Minister Imran Hussain asks for daily reports from the Department
  • Variation in prices between wholesale and retail markets surprising
  • Strict action to be taken against hoarders

Food & Civil Supplies Minister Mr Imran Hussain on Tuesday directed the department officials to carry out intense inspections in wholesale markets of Delhi to keep prices of tomatoes and onions under control by strictly curbing hoarding of these items.

Mr Hussain issued these directions in a review meeting with the Commissioner, Food and Civil Supplies and other senior officers of Food and Civil Supplies Department.

Retail prices of tomato have shot up from Rs 68/- per kg on 3rd July 2017 to Rs 92/- per kg on 31st July 2017.    Wholesale prices of tomato ranged from Rs 16/- per kg to Rs 64/- per kg on 24th July 2017 and between Rs 8 per kg to Rs 62/- per kg on 31st July 2017.

Retail prices of onions have increased from Rs 21/- per kg to Rs. 27/- per kg during the period from 3rdJuly 2017 to 31st July 2017. Wholesale prices of onion varied between Rs. 3.75 per kg to Rs 11.75 per kg on 24th July 2017 and between Rs 3.75 per kg to Rs 20/- per kg on 31st July 2017.

This huge variation between retail prices and whole sale prices indicates that the possibility of hoarding of these commodities cannot be ruled out.

Mr Hussain directed the Food and Civil Supplies Department to carry out intense inspections of whole sale markets such as Azadpur Mandi, Okhla Mandi, Ghazipur Mandi, Keshopur Mandi, etc. The Minister also directed inspection of retail markets in different parts of Delhi as well.

It was directed to constitute teams of officers from Market Intelligence Cell, Enforcement Branch and Circle Offices of the Food and Civil Supplies Department who shall visit these markets on daily basis.

Since the food items reach wholesale Mandis at night, around 3.00 AM from where the items are sold out by early morning to retail markets, it was directed that the teams shall visit Mandis from 3.00 AM to 7.00 AM.

The teams shall also visit godowns of the whole sellers/ Aarhityas. Special authorization for one week is being issued by the Food and Civil Supplies Department to the Officers for carrying out these inspections. Area SHO may also be informed about the constitution of teams for surprise inspections for necessary operational support.

Mr Hussain directed the Food and Civil Supplies Department to send inspection reports on day to day basis for his perusal.

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