Delhi govt organizes consultation workshop for ‘Entrepreneurship Mindset’ Curriculum with stakeholders & experts.
– More than 80 NGOs and individuals enthusiastically participated in the consultation
After the widely acclaimed ‘Happiness Curriculum’ which is successfully running in Nursery to 8th class of all Delhi govt schools, Delhi govt is readying itself to introduce Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum for 6 lakh students studying in 9th to 12th classes of the government schools from the upcoming academic year 2019-20. SCERT, GNCT of Delhi, held a one day consultation workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship ‘Mindset’ Curriculum in a Delhi govt school in Rouse Avenue, New Delhi. The Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia addressed the conglomerate as the workshop kicked off.
                The Dy. C.M, Sh. Manish Sisodia said, “I congratulate all experts for the fact that we have converged here, moving beyond our own boundaries for a greater good, and I’m sure today is going to be a big day for the job market, for the economy of the country. Talking about the ‘why’ of it – it is an uplifting fact that our nation boasts the biggest youth force in the world, but it’s another worrying fact is that we are a nation of the biggest unemployed educated youth force in the world. Despite having the most laborious & intelligent youth force, not even one of the biggest 50 companies of the world is Indian. It can also be corroborated by the fact that most Indian youth today wish to get placed in a multinational company. This is the reason why those economies are so big, a job seeker economy can never compete with a job providing economy. The roots of the problems need a fix & we believe it lies in school education.”
Elaborating on what the entrepreneurship curriculum intends to do, the Education Minister said, “The idea is not to limit at imparting financial/marketing/communication/management skills in the students. The bigger idea is that we want to impart the ‘Entrepreneurial mindset’, the courage to think big & new. Although the fulcrum idea behind entrepreneurship curriculum is help students strive to become job givers, instead of job seekers, but having said that, the entrepreneurial ‘mindset’ is important in all walks of life, for a businessman as well as for a officer. The same mindset led Mark Zuckerberg to build Facebook, the same mindset led a led a govt officer, Verghese Kurien to lead the second biggest dairy of India, AMUL, right from its inception.”
More than 80 NGOs and individuals enthusiastically participated in the consultation. All participants were divided into 4 thematic groups of content development, teacher training , ongoing support and mentorship cum startup support.  After a two hour deliberation, each group presented its suggestions for the design and implementation of entrepreneurship mindset curriculum to the audience. The interesting aspect of the workshop was that 20 bright children from class 9th and 11th also participated in the workshop to provide their perspective on how should curriculum be designed.
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