• CM pulls up GB Pant officials for lapses in hospital
  • Free medicines and free surgery scheme not being implemented 100%
  • Complaints of patients/attendants on helpline not being resolved 100%
  • One week deadline set for resolving all issues and report back to CM

New Delhi: 28/11/2017


Delhi Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, who himself monitors the health schemes of free medicines, free surgery in private hospitals & resolution of complaints on the helpline numbers, on Tuesday Nov 28, pulled up the top officials of GB Pant hospital for the said schemes not being implemented in totality.


In the past few days, the reports which are submitted to the Chief Minister everyday showed that there were lapses in implementation of these pro-people schemes. Medicine availability was not 100%, resolution of complaints was done properly and referral to private hospitals for free surgery was not happening properly.


The Delhi Government has launched scheme under which all medicines are given for free to the patients at the government hospitals and patients are referred to private hospitals for free surgery if they don’t get their surgery done within 30-days at government hospitals.


In addition to it, a helpline number has been issued by the government for patients and their attendants to lodge complaints. The hospital has to ensure that each complaint is attended to and is resolved.


However, in the case of GB Pant hospital, there were lapses found in these three. Listening to the Medical Director of GB Pant, the Chief Minister said that any additional help required for the betterment of the hospital will be provided as soon as possible, but the lapses should be done away with immediately.


The Chief Minister directed the Medical Director & other officials of the hospital to resolve all issues and come with a report on the same by next Tuesday (7-days).

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