CM inaugurates first ever Mohalla Clinics for the homeless in Delhi 

  • DUSIB has 197 shelters and will set-up 62 tent shelters to cater the winter needs
  • DUSIB sets up 18 rescue teams to take homeless to shelters during winter months


Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal on Friday inaugurated Mohalla Clinics at Dandi Park and Sarai Kale Khan, which will primarily cater to the homeless people.

At Dandi Park, the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) is running five Shelters for the homeless, with a total capacity of 750 people.  For them, the dedicated Mohalla Clinic has been set-up, which will provide free medicines and free medical check-ups.


Similarly, another Mohalla Clinic has been set-up at Sarai Kale Khan, where the DUSIB is running five Shelters having capacity of 600 people. ThisMohalla Clinic will also primarily cater to the needs of homeless people, giving them free medical facilities which include medical tests and medicines also. Mohalla Clinics in Shelters is a first of its kind initiative taken by the Delhi government.


In addition, a Recovery Shelter has also been inaugurated at Sarai Kale Khan having a capacity of 50 beds with modern facilities to cater to the requirements of the homeless population, who are discharged from the hospital and are in dire need of care for recovery after illness, but have nowhere to go.  DUSIB will provide all the medical and nursing facilities as well as food to the homeless in collaboration with the LNJP Hospital.


DUSIB has made adequate arrangements to meet the challenges for accommodating and providing facilities to the homeless in the forthcoming Winter.




DUSIB is managing 197 regular shelters for homeless throughout the year, with a capacity of 16,264.  In order to augment accommodation capacity during  Winters, DUSIB is setting another 62 tent shelters at potential sites of high concentration of homeless.  Two Subways, one at AIIMS and another at Punjabi Bagh have also been made operational for use as Shelters during the Winters.  Thus, the total capacity of all these Shelters is now enhanced to more than 21,000 during the Winters




In order to ensure that homeless people are shifted and rehabilitated in the Shelters to escape the chilly winters, DUSIB has created 18 Rescue Teams which were also launched by Chief Minister on Friday.  These Rescue Teams will be operating throughout the Winter from 2nd December, 2016 to March, 2017 from 10 PM to 4 AM and on receipt of information about homeless lying on road, these Rescue Teams will respond quickly to shift them either to Shelter or to Hospital as the need may be.

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